5 Reasons to Buy an In-Car Camera

According to the Royal Automobile Association, three to four car insurance claims per month use in-car camera footage as supporting evidence. 

In recent years, dash-mounted cameras are proving their value. Whether the footage is being used to resolve tricky claims or to capture some bizarre road trip wildlife encounter, dash cams are becoming increasingly popular. 

So, are in-car video camera systems a fad or are they worth it? Below, we’ve listed five reasons we think they’re here to stay. But first, let’s look at what exactly an in-car camera system is. 

What is an in-car camera system?

dash camera in car

An in-car camera system, often more commonly referred to as a dash cam, takes a video and audio recording of your drive, records a variety of data, and stores it for a certain amount of time. 

There are several different kinds of in-car cameras. The most popular and most affordable ones provide a front view which captures the scene before you.

Front and rear view in-car cameras record both in front and behind your car. This allows you to capture rear-end collisions, which are one of the most common road accidents. 

Finally, you have cabin view car cameras, which usually record a bird’s eye view of everything that happens inside your car. It’s popular among taxi and rideshare drivers. 

Depending on the type of in-car camera you buy, there is a range of reasons why it might be a good idea to invest in this affordable piece of equipment.

1. To have impartial evidence of an event

An in-car camera can record your journey as you’re driving. If you are involved in an accident, you can use this footage as impartial evidence of the event.

This unbiased account is a great way to share the footage with both the authorities and insurance companies so you can properly establish a timeline and determine who was at fault without the whole frustrating rigmarole of he-said-she-said. In this way, your dashcam may end up paying for itself. 

If this is your main reason for buying an in-car camera, be sure to look out for a camera with a wide-angle lens, HD recording capabilities, and night vision. It can be worthwhile investing in a system with a rear camera so you can record front and back. 

2. To have your own personal security camera

Some in-car cameras have a parking mode that can monitor your car while stationary. These modes can automatically start recording when they detect motion around the car. 

This feature enables you to record scenarios such as someone dinging your door, keying your vehicle, or trying to break in. You can then review the footage and hand it over to the police or to the insurance company to prove you’re not at fault.

3. To chronicle your road trips

driver driving car through mountains

Although dash cams are normally bought for security reasons, they serve the added benefit of capturing the most incredible scenery when you’re on a road trip. 

Just as with action cameras, in-car cameras can capture those rare travel moments, such as a kangaroo bounding across the road before you, when you wish you’d had a camera at hand. Now you do! In-car cameras don’t just record film; you can also take still images.

4. To document and report road rage and hoon driving

Road rage and hoon driving put others on the road at risk. But how satisfying is it to be able to record and report dangerous drivers?

All Australian state authorities have a phone line or website where you can alert authorities to driver acting recklessly. Video evidence has far greater weight than eyewitness testimonies in legal cases.

5. To keep an eye on those borrowing your car

An especially popular reason among parents for buying an in-car camera system is to monitor how the kids are using the car when they’re taking it out for a spin. 

Some in-car cameras also have a GPS mapping feature that stamps GPS coordinates on the video so you know where the car has been – and when. 

Are you ready to buy a dash cam?

Start shopping for your first in-car camera system at Camera House. We have a selection of dash cameras and other video cameras available online or in-store today.

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