Instagram: A World Of Inspiration

In the world of photography, inspiration is a promise.

Challenging ourselves to see the world through a creative new way has provided platforms like Instagram as an inspiration source. The way we individually interpret the colours, shapes and textures that surround us in our everyday lives, are perceived differently throughout our photography.

Since we have so much to be inspired about in this beautiful world, we want to introduce to you some outstanding photographers we have found along our Instagram journey. They are just too good not to share with you all. Here is a variety of different Instagram bloggers we think you could embark on a similar path to, or could help with thinking about your next steps behind the lens.


Travel Photography Inspiration @saltinourhair

Based in the Netherlands Hannah and Nick decided that there is more to life than a 9-5 job.
They started their journey together by creating a blog in 2016 which has now flourished into something magical. Now the pair live their lives constantly on the move documenting their travels and managing to highlight the most amazing part of their holiday through the lens.


Culture Photography Inspiration @jimmy.nelson.official

British Photojournalist Jimmy Nelson started off with a dream of creating awareness for our worlds indigenous cultures through his photography. I think we can all agree that Jimmy is the perfect example of a person whose dreams have become a reality. He is an incredibly talented photographer who has so much to offer, and we cannot wait what more is to come.


Food and Lifestyle Photography Inspiration @cookrepublic

Sneh is a Sydney based mother of 2 and is a woman of many trades. Not only a photographer but Sneh is also a food stylist and an author of her very own cookbook.
She has a very special gift bringing her food to life and making it look so tastefully beautiful.
Her Instagram is bursting with colour from all the delicious food she makes from hand in her own home which makes it easy to get lost scrolling through.

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Portrait Photography Inspiration @robbymueller

Los Angeles based Portrait photographer Robby Mueller’s work is so full of life (literally).
Robby’s Instagram is full of all the beauty that comes with mixed emotions to which he shows in every single image. He really is bursting with talent, which is just one of the reasons we love his work so much.

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Landscape Photography Inspiration @othellonine

Meet Vancouver based photographer Scott Rankin who has a love for adventure like no other. Capturing the peace and calm that the great outdoors has to offer and watching it unravel throughout his photography is inspiring all on its own. The silent beauty that he captures is so unique, which is why we love everything about his photography.

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Wildlife Photography Inspiration @mogenstrolle

Mogens Trolle, originally from Denmark is a wildlife biologist who specializes in mammals. Mogens is now in love with close encounters with wild mammals, and is now on a mission to show their story by using their facial expressions to capture what life may be like behind the lens. It is a remarkable sight to see the animals wild and running free, and Mogens is great at giving every one of his subjects a character that he captures perfectly.

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Street Photography Inspiration @cocu_liu

Cocu Liu, San Francisco based Street photographer is extremely fascinated by the bright lights and bustling city life that he finds himself in daily. He enjoys capturing moments and memories around the city and is always looking for new perspectives. By watching his photography unfold, you can see there is a lot more beauty in the hustle and bustle than you would hardly consider when amongst it.


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