Get Inspired with Instagram: The Best Cameras & Accounts

There’s no doubt about it, Instagram has become the new Facebook. Everybody is flocking to this platform to publish their holiday snaps or showcase some serious photography skills.

This is where you come to get inspired and be discovered. Want to up your Instagram game? Find out about the best cameras for Instagram and search for new inspiration with our favourite accounts.

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The best cameras for Instagram

Sony a6400: the most popular, affordable mirrorless camera for Instagram

Thanks to its compact size and great image quality, the Sony a6400 is one of the most popular cameras for Instagrammers. Not only is it renowned for its quick focusing, but it’s also reasonably priced.

Improved video technology and a 180-degree flip screen make it an ideal camera for Instagram photographers and videographers. WiFi capabilities make photos and videos easy to upload straight from your camera to your phone for instant posting.

Sony a7 III: the best high-end mirrorless cameras for Instagram

For those looking to become more serious Instagram photographers, the Sony a7 III is one of the best and most popular mirrorless cameras for serious influencers.

These cameras have full-frame sensors in a more compact build, meaning you’ll get better shots in low light and a better dynamic range for editing without carting around a DLSR. WiFi compatibility and a weather-sealed, compact body seal the deal for most people.

Canon 5D IV: the best DSLR camera for Instagram

The Canon 5D IV is one of the most popular DSLR cameras for Instagram shots. It has weather sealing, an excellent dynamic range, and WiFi capabilities.

More and more Instagram photographers are experimenting with video too, which makes the Canon 5D IV particularly popular for its brilliant video quality, including a time-lapse function that eliminates a lot of post-processing work.

GoPro HERO 7: The best action camera for Instagram

If you want those incredible underwater shots or half-submerged photos, a GoPro HERO 7 is a must. Hardy yet offering high-quality images, the HERO 7 comes with in-built WiFi and even lets you shoot in RAW.

Instagram inspiration: The best photography accounts

At Camera House, we curate some of the best photos online to showcase on our Instagram account @camerahouse (just tag us with #camerahousetravel). We’ve become familiar with a fair few Instagrammers in the process and want to share some of the outstanding photographers we’ve discovered along the way.  

Travel inspiration: @saltinourhair

Hannah and Nick have made a career for themselves travelling the world, photographing their adventures, and turning their trips into beautifully illustrated guides.

Their stories include behind-the-scene peeks at how they transform their photos to achieve that wow factor. They even sell their presets for a small cost so you can get the same dreamy look on your grid.


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Cultural photography inspiration: @jimmy.nelson.official

British photojournalist Jimmy Nelson started off with an intention to raise awareness for our world’s indigenous cultures through photography.

He now travels the world documenting the traditional dress of various cultures. Don’t forget to read the captions to learn more about each photo.


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Landscape photography inspiration: @petermckinnon

Peter McKinnon is a photographer and filmmaker with more than 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and 1.8 million Instagram followers. His moody photos show how perspective, timing, and post-processing can transform a photo into something distinctly yours.


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Food photography inspiration: @cookrepublic

Sneh Roy is a Sydney-based mother of two, a photographer, a food stylist, and an author of her own cookbook. It’s easy to get lost scrolling through her Instagram grid, bursting with colour from all food she’s prepared in her own kitchen.


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Best Australian Instagram inspiration: @mattglastonbury

If there’s one person doing an incredible job discovering our beautiful Aussie landscapes, it’s Matt Glastonbury. This filmmaker and photographer posts enviable locations, incredible photography skills, and encounters with local furry friends to inspire you on the laziest of days.


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Instagram is a great place to scout for locations and find inspiration to help you improve your photography, both on and off the platform. Follow Camera House on Instagram to get a regular dose of inspiration on your feed every day.

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