Interview : Rocco Ancora

What made you decide to specialise in portraiture?

I decided to specialise in wedding photography as I enjoy documenting people’s lives especially couples in love. It also allows me to bring in elements of landscape and architecture, which I also enjoy. The great aspect of wedding photography is I can photograph it all, people places and things.

What makes a great photo?

When you can still see the photograph in your mind’s eye after it has gone. A great photograph should impact and imprint on your memory. Photography is all about light and the different nuances of light. It’s about your response and an appreciation for excellence. People trust you to capture their precious moments – how do you prepare? I prepare by getting to know my clients and building a rapport with them. People trust me to capture important moments because they have seen and enjoyed my work. ‘Getting to know them’ allows me into their lives and puts them at ease in front of the camera, the rest falls into place after 20 years of experience.

You’ve been awarded wedding photographer of the year – what is it about your wedding pics that is so appealing?

I was very honoured and somewhat overwhelmed by winning the AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year for the 4th time in June 2010. I enjoy the beauty of light and seeing the world through my lens. I feel like a translator, a story teller of moments and feelings and my camera allows me to extend my visions onto the printed page.

What’s the best advice you could give to someone wanting to take good photos at special family events?

Look for great expressions. Take the time to see and observe. You can still take great pictures even with basic camera equipment. Observe, document and interpret.

Why have you and Vicki Bell decided to join forces? What was the inspiration for the partnership?

We actually work well together and have teamed up on many assignments over the years. It’s a great osmosis of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. Most of all Vicki brings her strength of portraiture to the business and she has a wonderful way with children and people overall. Together our work has evolved and we critique and brainstorm ideas together which is very nourishing after working independently for so long. Besides she makes a good coffee and tells great stories.

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