Introducing the Fujifilm H-X1

Camera House is proud to announce the Fujifilm X-H1 available in selected Camera House stores in March 2018.

What the Camera House team love about the X-H1 Camera:

The wheels are in motion! Fujifilm continues to commit to their seriously respected cine and professional level equipment, and are increasingly offering this technology at accessible price points. A wider range of lens options and serious video capability surrounding the X-H1 are

The video capability of this camera is the standout appeal of this camera. Whilst it offers excellent still shooting as a given, the pairing of an excellent image stabilisation system, new lenses and the serious video capability offered by this camera empower world-class motion picture output.

Available in April 2018, if you’re interested in taking your photography and videography to the next level you can secure yours at or in store, and as with any new release product, this item is supported by our pre-order guarantee.

What the Fujifilm team think about this camera:

The new FUJIFILM X-H1 combines a robust, durable body with superior image quality and easy operation. It is the first camera in the series to include 5-axis 5.5 stops1 in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) and the new ETERNA Film Simulation for outstanding video reproduction.

FUJIFILM announced today that it will launch the new X-H1 camera – the highest performance camera in the X series range of mirrorless cameras – incorporating extremely useful features that support shooting in various scenarios demanded by professional photographers and videographers.

With a newly-designed robust and durable body, the X-H1 is the first X Series model to include the latest 5-axis in-body image stabilisation (IBIS), which has a maximum of 5.5 stops as well as a flicker reduction mode that enhances the quality of indoor sports photography.

In combination with the existing FUJINON XF lens range, the camera allows the use of the 5-axis image stabilisation in excess of 5-stops, with the exception of some lenses.

The X-H1 is also compatible with a range of interchangeable lenses due for release this year, including:

  1. MKX18-55mmT2.9 and MKX50-135mmT2.9 professional cinema lenses which incorporate the X mount (June 2018 release).
  2. XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR, a wide aperture single-focus telephoto lens (late 2018 release).
  3. XF8-16mmF2.8 R WR, designed to meet the needs of scenery or landscape photographers (late 2018 release).

The new camera and lens combinations will provide outstanding image production and will be ideal for fast action sports photography. Standout features of the X-H1 include:

5.5 stops1 in-body image stabilisation (IBIS)

This new feature expands the high-quality photographic range of the X Series. This is the first internal in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) system to feature in an X series camera. It harnesses three axial accelerometers, three axial Gyro sensors, and a specially developed dual-processor. Combined, this achieves a high speed of approximately 10,000 calculations per second. The 5-axis image stabilisation is possible with all XF and XC lenses. Up to a maximum of 5.5 stops image stabilisation is possible when the camera is used with all XF lenses that don’t include optical image stabilisation technology.

The X-H1 uses the APS-C size X-Trans™ CMOS III3 sensor (24.30 million pixels, without low-pass filter) and the high-speed image processing engine, X-Processor Pro. The X-H1 produces outstanding, unrivalled quality images recording the finest details of the subject including its texture, three-dimensional structure and even the atmosphere and vibe of a particular scene.

Robust, durable body with easy operation

The X-H1 is ideal for shooting in a wide range of environments with its dust-resistant, water-resistant properties, and the ability to operate in temperatures as low as -10° C. It uses a 25% thicker magnesium alloy compared to the X-T2, is compact and lightweight, shock resistant, and has a high-quality scratch-resistant coating. The viewfinder has high-magnification with a ratio of 0.75 times as well as a 3.69 million resolution. The display-time lag is just 0.005 seconds and the frame rate of 100 frames per second allows the photographer to instantly confirm the movement of the subject and position of the focus with great precision. The rear LCD monitor is a 3-direction tilt, 3-inch, 1.04 million dot electrostatic touch-panel LCD that can be intuitively set to the desired angle. Additionally, the 1.28-inch sub-LCD on the top of the camera – a feature of the medium format FUJIFILM GFX 50S – allows for instant confirmation of shooting information.

Video features that support movie production requirements 

The X-H1 is the first X series camera to include ETERNA, a new film simulation ideal for shooting movies. This mode simulates cinematic film, creating understated colours and rich shadow tones, greatly enhancing creative freedom during post-processing. The camera includes a total of 20 functional and performance improvements including the 1080/120P high-speed video mode (1/2, 1/4 and 1/5 speed slow motion) for recording spectacular slow-motion footage, F-log4 SD card recording which aids smooth workflow, a DCI 4K shooting mode (4096×2160), a 400% dynamic range setting (approximately 12 stops), 200 Mbps high bit rate recording, a high sound quality internal microphone (24-bit/48 kHz) and verbal time codes

The first flicker reduction mode on an X series camera and improved AF algorithms 

Flicker reduction modes are essential for indoor sports photography. The X-H1 uses a mirrorless camera, allowing for stable exposure during burst shots even under fluorescent and mercury lighting. AF algorithm enhancements include a lowlight limit for phase detection autofocus improved by approximately 1.5 stops, raising the precision and speed of autofocus in lowlight environments. The range at minimum aperture has been expanded from F8 to F11. For example, even when using the XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR with the teleconverter XF2X TC WR, phase detection autofocus can now be used. Major improvements have been made to the AF-C performance while operating the zoom, ideal when shooting sports and other scenarios where the subjects move unpredictably.

Vertical Power Boost Grip (supplied exclusively with the X-H1)

The Vertical Power Boost Grip will be supplied exclusively with the X-H1. Dust resistant and water resistant, it operates at temperatures as low as -10°C. Two batteries may be attached with a third battery in the body of the camera increasing the maximum number of available shots in normal mode to approximately 900. The maximum period for shooting movies in 4K is increased to about 30 minutes, and controls include the shutter release button, focus lever, AE-L button, AF-ON button, command dial, Q button and Fn button.

See the full range of Fujifilm products here.

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