The Canon EOS 80D is definitely here to shake things up. It provides the opportunity to give you everything you need at your fingertips and so much more! The 80D is ideal for the everyday photographer who likes to experiment with different styles, as it’s generous with customisable user options and shoots with exceptional speed.

There is so many outstanding features with this new model from Canon, but we’re going to focus on our favourites that we know you’ll love.
Plus, we’ve also got an 80D Vs 70D comparison for you as well so that you can see the upgrades.

24.2 Megapixel APS-C size CMOS Sensor

The new sensor provides stunning clarity with low noise and the freedom to crop, which comes in handy with all photography levels.

Time-lapse Movie

This feature offers the ability to capture stunning moments and the 80D saves you time in the process. You start by choosing a shooting interval and a defined number of shots (up to 3600) and it will simply shoot a series of still images and save them as a time lapse movie within the camera. Usually this is done in post production on a computer, but the 80D has you covered and does the ground work for you- all in camera.

ISO 100-16,000 range

The 80D has been designed to shoot in varying lighting conditions which is something we expect from cameras these days. With a native ISO reading of 100-16,000, expandable to 25,600, this camera is exceptional in all light, even moonlight.


The new 45 all cross-type point high precision Auto Focus system includes Auto Focus points which are individually selectable or grouped into areas, giving you greater control over composition regardless of where your subject is in the frame.

100% coverage Intelligent Viewfinder

The Viewfinder has approximately 100% coverage which allow you to shoot with a great field of view, and whats even better is you can maintain looking through the viewfinder whilst changing settings as each adjustment you make will be digitally reflected in the viewfinder – meaning you won’t need to take your eyes off the action!

Canon EOS 80D  vs  Canon EOS 70D

Here’s a closer look at the specs and we’ve weighed it up against the 70D as a comparison so that you can see all of the upgrades.





Sample Images


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