LUMIX Heaven – Panasonic TZ40

Panasonic have announced their new Lumix, the DMC-TZ40, or as called in the US SZ30… The best in the range and wow does it produce exceptionally clear images with great colour reproduction.

Panasonic have always been known for their beautiful lenses and the TZ40 is no exception with its 24mm Ultra Wide Angle LEICA DC Lens which also expands to 20x Optical Zoom.

At first glance it is definitely a nice size. With the features we heard to be rumored in this camera we were expecting it to jump up in size but it’s quite the opposite, they’ve managed to keep the size down and increase functionality which was definitely music to our ears, or eyes should we say.

The TZ40 has an 18.1 Megapixel high sensitivity MOS sensor and has a new ‘Venus Engine System’ which is a fluffy term for really hot new internal engine for crystal clear images. Pana have also integrated Wi-Fi into this new model which allows you to fully control your photography remotely via the new LUMIX app downloadable to your smartphone. You can transform your phones screen into a real-time viewfinder and control the TZ40’s zoom and shutter directly from the device.

For more information and a hands on look, view the video below;

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