Make Me Famous – ANNOUNCED!

Overall Winner

A huge congratulations to Matthew Ball from Currambine WA for claiming the title of the Overall Winner of the Make Me Famous competition 2011! Matthew has won a Photography Scholarship to the value of $4000! We’re sure he will put it to good use and we look forward to seeing more of his amazing photos for years to come.

The competition was broken into four categories; Light, Water, Exposure and Faces which also had four runners up taking home $1000 Camera House Gift Vouchers.

Winner of the ‘Light’ category

Winner: Alex Cheung

This picture was taken at North Narrabeen Tidal Pools, I used a Nikon D90 with the 18-105mm kit lens. The setting used was aperture priority and it was shot using the bracketing function to take 3 differently exposed pictures to make a HDR. To edit this picture I used photomatix to photo-merge the 3 different exposed to make one image then used photoshop to fine adjust the image to my liking. This shot was to capture the sunrise but when I got there the sun already up. My advice for other photographers who are wanting to take pictures of sunrises is to get up early and get to the location at least an hour before the sunrise, this will insure you that you have all your equipment ready and you wont miss the shot.

Winner of the ‘Exposure’ category

Winner: Maddison Falls

Camera: I used a 450D
Settings: f3.5. 15 sec exposure
Inspiration: I love photography and music, often to the two go hand in hand. One night I was having difficulty studying and began thinking of the conflict between listening to music whilst studying. I composed this image to depict this conflict. I used a pen light to add the light trails which illuminate the scene.
Editing:  I used Adobe Photoshop cs3 for simple editing. I added touches of colour to the objects in the foreground and made the light trail a bit more powerful.
Advice: You don’t need to travel far to take a good photo. Seeing something through a different perspective can often make to it interesting.
Location: I took this photograph on my bedroom floor.

Winner of the ‘Faces’ category

Winner: Jacob Charles

Winner of the ‘Water’ category

Winner: William Kent

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