Matthew Ball – Made Famous!

Matt Ball’s interest in photography began when he first discovered the camera application on his phone. “I remember one of my cats, Whiskers, was sitting in one of our gigantic blue flower pots in our backyard. I was about eight, and at the time I had a flip phone that took 2 megapixel pictures,” remembers Ball. “I never stopped taking photos of our pets once I was in possession of a device that could take photos, whether it was a camera phone or a digital camera. That would be my earliest photographic memory…”

Describing himself as right-brained, Ball says that while other kids were out playing sports he was busy with his paints and books and action figures. “I still don’t take an interest in sports or follow any teams,” he comments. “Instead I would try to find creative hobbies that suited me over time, which is why I believe that my interest in photography comes from my childhood upbringing and the creative clockworks that still tick in my brain.”

“Another thing that sparked my interest in photography is a camera in general. How an electronic device can actually mimic a scene and subject and capture it, freezing it. I just think that it’s mind-blowing.”

The first photo Matt took that he was really proud of was quite recently and was included in his entry for the Make Me Famous competition. A night shot of Perth, it captures the Swan River skyline in vivid colour. “The reflections on the Swan River create a really vibrant atmosphere and immediately attracted my attention. I am really pleased with that photo, because I haven’t really seen another one like it.”

As for his inspiration for his work, Ball says he takes an organic approach, “My shots and photos just sort of happen. When I’m in the zone and photographing a subject and I see a certain idea or opportunity I take action, and make that visualisation happen.”

The teenager admits he would love a career in photography. “I see myself photographing weddings, models and any other creative projects that involve people. I prefer to photograph portraits because every individual has a different personality, a different look and a different story to tell. I can communicate with them as well, which is very Important to me. Creating a strong relationship with the subject enables me to get the right shots… Which makes them and me happy.”

He says he was shocked to learn he had won the Make Me Famous competition especially given the calibre of entries and says benefits to emerging photographers on Camera House’s Facebook page are immense. “There is such a great community vibe and spirit amongst the Camera House Facebook page, everyone helps one another and gives feedback as well as welcoming the new members. It is a place where you can share your personal photos and watch each other grow as friends and as photographers which is great.

“I am so grateful for Camera House and everything they do, especially the Facebook community they’ve created and their genius weekly comp ‘Photo Friday’ which has given me confidence in what I do and has enabled me to further my photography…”

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