Monthly Mission: NATURE

Welcome to the Monthly Mission.

Photography is extremely broad with a lot to learn, so we’ll be breaking it down each month. Bringing you a mission brief, inspiration and education all tailored around a different theme so you can get the most out of your camera. Plus you’ll also have the opportunity to enter your favourite photos into a competition which will give you a chance to win a $400 Camera House Gift Voucher.


Image by: Will Solis – Spectrum Camera House


The magnificence that Nature provides as a whole is hard to put into words, but it’s when you pull it apart that you understand the true beauty it has to offer. You can explore different colours, diverse lines, unusual shapes and various textures, and when you put emphasis on just one, it opens your eyes to the raw beauty the subject holds.

Photography Brief:

Find your Niche in Nature.

Pick one feature of nature and capture its raw beauty.

When you upload your photos into the competition, be sure to label each photo with a title.




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