The Must-Have Vlogging Accessories to Become a YouTube Star

There’s no doubt about it, vlogging has got to be one of the coolest professions around. And with the improvements in technology – including drone photography and action cameras – you can really have some fun producing your video blogs.

But if you want to get serious and be among the best of the best, you’re going to need the right equipment. It’s easy for audiences to tell when a video has been produced professionally, compared to the haphazard productions of your bedroom studio.

With that in mind, we’ve outlined a few pieces of essential vlogging equipment you must have if you want to make it on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

woman vlogging

A camera with a focus on filming

The camera you choose to record your videos with largely depends on the type of vlogs you’re creating. But there are a few cameras that have become darlings of the vlogging community. 

The Canon Powershot G7X Mark II is a popular compact camera for YouTubers, delivering supreme quality even when you’re dealing with low-light scenarios. It has a tilting touchscreen to help you set up face-to-camera shots. The 5-axis stabilisation counteracts image shake from panning and moving, while the auto-level keeps your horizons straight.

The Canon EOS M50 is a great, lightweight mirrorless camera that can shoot in 4k, although the quality is somewhat compromised by a 1.7x crop factor when recording in 4k. Its fully-articulating LCD touchscreen and quality 1080p recording, along with the lightweight design, made it one of the best cameras for vloggers in 2018. It also comes with a mic port and a hot shoe to mount them.

Of course, there are plenty of other brilliant cameras for vlogs. If you’re an adventure vlogger, your recordings would be remiss without a GoPro camera, while travel vloggers will love the videos produced by drones.

A vlogging tripod that suits your needs

woman recording a vlog

No matter what type of vlogger you are, you’ll probably need a tripod at some point in your career.

Outdoor vloggers may want a solid, full-sized tripod for sturdy recordings, while a travel or adventure vlogger might need something more lightweight and versatile, such as the Joby Gorillapod, which can be wrapped around trees or fences.

If you’re a beauty vlogger or record videos at a desk, you may only need a mini tabletop tripod, such as the Gorillapod or a Manfrotto PIXI EVO tripod.

Lighting to create professional videos

Many viewers will really be able to tell how professional your vlog is based on the quality of the light. Try to keep your light source natural by using ambient lighting, such as natural light from windows or lamps.

If you do need to up your game, consider investing in a studio lighting kit, complete with bulbs to light up your background and umbrellas to bounce and soften the light, improving your videos dramatically.

Beauty vloggers and those who vlog from a desk may only need a ring light, which removes shadows from your face and softens the light. You might need an additional light stand and tripod or hot shoe adapter to hold the ring light.

Check out our lighting accessories online today.

Vlogging microphones to produce crisp audio

microphone for vlogging

Another dead giveaway for the professionalism of your vlog is the quality of your audio. While many cameras do come with quality built-in microphones, nothing is going to beat having a separate mic.

Microphones can reduce background noise and create a clear directional sound that amplifies your own voice. There is a multitude of mics you can use to record audio.

A USB microphone is probably your best bet. It connects up to your computer, which means it’s best for those who record next to their laptop. But for the price point, these microphones are perfect for suppressing exterior noise and helping to deliver your voice clean and clear.

Shotgun microphones are a necessity if you’re going to be shooting out in the field. They’re highly sensitive wherever you point them while reducing ambient noise from the rear and sides. Consider RØDE for quality mics.

These highly-directional mics can be mounted to your camera if your camera has a mic input. They’re great if you’re only a few steps from your camera. Shotgun microphones can also be used with a boom stand to hold the mic in place if your camera doesn’t have a hot shoe mount.

Your final option is a lavalier microphone, which is great if you’re always on the move. It does need to be positioned close to the mouth, which means lavalier mics are usually visible on camera.

They also demand a complicated setup which might not make them the best bet if you’re looking for simplicity. If you’re far from your camera or your camera doesn’t have a mic input, you may also need an external recorder to connect the lavalier mic to.

Keep in mind that if you have to record your audio separately to your camera, it will need to be synced with your visuals, either manually in editing software or with an automatic program like PluralEyes.

An editing program and a computer to help you polish it off

video editing program

You’ve got all the equipment and you’ve shot some raw footage. Perfect. But how are you going to string it all together into a cohesive and captivating vlog?

Vloggers rely on editing software – and, of course, a quality computer – to polish off their videos. You’ll need a non-linear editing program, and thankfully, there are plenty of options around for both low budgets and professionals.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a subscription-based editing program popular among YouTubers, while Apple Final Cut Pro X offers professional-level editing for Mac users with a one-time payment. Sony Vegas Pro is similarly good.

For budget options, you can just as easily use Adobe Premiere Elements or Apple iMovie if you’re sticking to minimal cutting and editing.

Become a vlogging pro!

With just these few pieces of equipment, you can start producing professional-grade vlogs. Other vlogging accessories you might want to keep handy include spare batteries for your camera, and a remote shutter to enable you to start, pause, and stop recording from a distance.

At Camera House, we have an extensive range of vlogging accessories to help you get a headstart on your new career. Check out the complete selection of camera equipment today.

Want to learn more about vlogging? Start practising these 8 vlogging tricks to help you stand out and check out expert tips in our video below:

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