These 4 Camera Accessories Make Great Stocking Fillers

If you’re struggling to come up with original, interesting gift ideas this Christmas, camera accessories make great stocking fillers!

No matter how proficient they are with their photography, these 4 gift ideas will be a sure-fire hit with your camera enthusiast friends, family members or loved ones.

So give them a gift they’ll actually use this year and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’ve found unique, amazing stocking stuffers that are versatile, affordable and practically brilliant.

Manfrotto Tripod


With precise framing, these premium aluminium tripods will change the way your gift recipient views photography.

Solid and stable, the Manfrotto 290 Tripod Kit comes with an innovative 90-degree column system, which allows for creative shooting positions, such as straight down or at low angles.

Then there are the quick power lock levers, which make these tripods so easy to assemble and disassemble, and which makes Manfrotto the preferred tripod provider for so many camera professionals.

The Italian brand has long been a leading camera accessory provider. And as with all their tripods, this model will accommodate most cameras with its sturdy payload capacity of 4kg, including heavy DSLRs

With all this in mind, the hardest consideration with this tripod will be finding a stocking big enough to house it.

Rode Microphone


Give your friends and family the gift of unsurpassed audio quality with this VideoMic Go Microphone, which connects to most cameras and works so well for video producers or anyone keen to get the best sound quality possible.

Weighing in at a cool 73g and with Rode’s signature rugged construction, the compact, light VideoMic Go microphone deliberately reduces surrounding sounds and ensures the audio you want is isolated and amplified.

Perhaps its greatest feature is its ease of use. It requires no battery and comes without any of those fiddly switches and settings. Your gift recipient can simply take it out of the box and plug it into their camera and they’ll be ready to enjoy clear, directional videos.

Inca Shoulder Bag


If you’re not quite sure what camera accessories to get, a camera bag is a safe choice, and this Inca camera shoulder bag is an affordable, chic, lightweight option well worth considering.

This bag has a surprising amount of space to store a couple of lenses and accessories, with two adjustable padded dividerson either side of the central compartment that easily houses most DSLRs.

Not only does this bag look attractive and versatile, it’s well-padded to ensure the gear within isn’t damaged. And if this camera bag isn’t quite what you’re after, we offer a heap more bags, cases and housings for all cameras.

Powerbar Duo


Battery life is a universal issue amongst photographers, no matter what type of camera they own. The great news is that you can solve these issues with a powerful power bank.

This particular SP Gadgets Powerbar Duo power bank is designed to quickly power up GoPro cameras, but it also works as a mobile power source and charger for 5v USB devices too.

SP Gadgets’ easy, single-button controls and the fact it’s got enough grunt to charge two batteries make this a popular choice and helps them ensure they will never miss that perfect shot.

Get this as a gift and you can be confident that any photographer will make good use of it. Chances are, it’ll become one of the most vital items in their camera bag.

Other Gift Ideas

Camera House has a great array of gift options for camera enthusiasts. Shop our extensive range of camera accessories now and find that perfect stocking filler gift for those special people in your life.

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