NEW: Nikon Coolpix L120

Nikon have again given consumers the opportunity of a great camera at a low end price. The Coolpix L120 packs a huge 21x optical zoom lens in a stylish compact body and for under $300!

This camera does all the work for you with Best Shot Selector and Electronic Sensor Shift Vibration Reduction, hard work definitely is out of the question when shooting with the L120. Another feature that packs punch into this compact body is the Zoom Rocker located on the lens barrel itself, ideal for shooting videos but also becomes a good asset when shooting up-close stills from a far.

One thing that makes the L120 a ‘better buy’ than its competitors is that you can use the full zoom capabilities whilst filming, this is a great feature for those parents wanting to capture their children playing naturally without being disturbed by a camera. In addition the sound of zoom taking action isn’t picked up by the microphone.

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