New Nikon 1 J3

There’s been quite the hype around compact system cameras, both good and bad but the J3 is definitely a step up from its predecessor the J1 and has really brought some huge value into this category.

With a 14.2 Megapixel CMOS Sensor backed up by a Dual Core EXPEED 3A Image Processor the J3 is going to be a fast operating compact with quality that you’d expect from some of the entusiast level DSLRs. It has an Advanced Hybrid Autofocus system with a massive 73 Auto Focus Points under Phase Detect Mode and a whopping 135 Auto Focus Points in Contrast Detect Mode.

Nikon have been heavily focusing on video performance for quite sometime now and the J3 is no exception in their quality Movie recording plans. 1080P HD Video is on board and still with all of the cool quirks we saw in the J2 however they’ve evolved the Smart Photo Selector which removes still images from the video you’re taking with care and places them in your gallery. Plus they’ve also added slow view for optimum movie making performance and control.

With all of these large features we were expecting to see the size of the new J model increase however Nikon have managed to pack it into a small 101(w) x 60.5(h) x 28.8(d)mm body.

Intuitive Features

Best Moment Capture

  • When the shutter release button is pressed halfway and focus is achieved, the J3 will start capturing 40 frames (approx. 1.33s).
  • Each frame is then replayed in slow motion (5x slower than normal speed) repeatedly as long as the shutter release button is continued to be pressed halfway.
  • The best moment can then be captured by fully pressing the shutter on your desired frame, to ensure you never miss any moment

Enhanced Smart Photo Selector

  • Up to 20 continuous shots (15 shots with Nikon 1 S1) are taken before and after the full press of the shutterrelease button. Then the shot judged to be the best is automatically recorded (detected elements include blink, degree of image blur, frame out, etc.)

Motion SnapShot

  • Capture a slow motion movie and still image instantaneously with one press of the shutter release button
    1. Simply pressing the shutter-release button captures a decisive moment as a high-resolution still image.
    2. Also, a 1.6-second Full HD movie from just before to just after the release of the shutter is recorded.
    3. This movie is slowed down by 2.5x, and as a result, a dramatic 10-second (4-second slow-motion movie and 6-second still image) sequence can be created
    4. The sequence can be played back with theme (BGM).
  • Choice of two formats for saving
    • NMS format: 4 s MOV and JPEG files can be saved separately (default)
    • MOV format: 10 s movie file without JPEG file is saved
  • Movie recording time selectable
    • Select duration, either from 1.0 s before to 0.6 s after (1.0:0.6) or from 1.6 s before to 0 s after (1.6:0) shutter release that captures a still image
  • e-VR function compensates for camera shake at the time of shooting [NEW]
    • Electronic vibration reduction (e-VR) employed in the body electronically corrects image blur caused by camera shake that is detected
      when the image is taken

Advanced Movie Mode

  • Movie exposure mode (P/S/A/M) can be set
  • Slow-motion movies with two types of frame size can be recorded
  • Your desired movies can be created by using Short Movie Creator*

Full HD Recording

Slow Motion Video

Live Image Control

  • Make adjustments to your images on the go
    • Start operation with Feature menu
    • Make adjustments with the multi selector


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