NEW : Olympus XZ-1

While it doesn’t sport as many megapixels as some of its compact camera counterparts, the Olympus XZ-1 is still packed with advanced features that will please your family’s intermediate shooter. Delivering great performance in low light, the XZ-1 dishes up high quality stills and HD movies thanks to the inclusion of an iZuiko f1.8-2.5 6.0-24mm (28-112mm equivalent) wide angle digital lens that allows you to shoot from wide angle to telephoto at fast shutter speeds and provides crisp images across the board. The 10 megapixel CCD delivers double the light reception area of other compacts making low noise images possible even in low light situations. Photographic buffs will also appreciate the ability to access full manual override for greater control. Whilst the hotshoe port allows the attachment of accessories from the Olympus PEN range; including the SEMA-1 external microphone adapter, the VF-2 electronic viewfinder, or the newly introduced MAL-1 macro light.

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