New Nikon 1 Range!

So I know we’ve said it. How much further can technology take us. Well last night Nikon proved – very far! The new line of Nikon 1 cameras are truly an innovation and after a quoted ‘9 years in the making’ with research and development the J1 and V1 have raised the bar in the Compact System Camera (CSC) category. Being a first of its kind for Nikon you would think that it would be somewhat similar to its competitors in terms of making yet another CSC but with slightly more advanced specs. Well this isn’t the case, Nikon haven’t opted for existing technology they’ve marked innovation with the 1 range – lets break it down…

The Nikon V1 and J1 are fast thinkers to say the least, stylish bodies, frames per second shooting that will most probably be beyond what you’ll ever need, smart photo selector (what is this you ask, we’ll explain, be patient), 10.1 Megapixels and a showcase of lenses and accessories that will amaze the best of us.

Nikon have integrated a new image sensor with the fastest Auto Focus (AF) in the world! Even if you aren’t a fast shooter the all-new CX-format CMOS sensor will ensure you capture beautifully high resolution stills and movies with no effort behind the camera needed.

The EXPEED 3 image processor has also taken this little CSC into super-fast image stardom. This processor was engineered to deliver unparalleled levels of speed and performance in any situation. Which is now what takes up to the next feature, 60 fps shooting! If you’re looking for a camera that can deliver smooth shots of fast action the J1 is your weapon of choice. This is the world’s fastest continuous shot and something that benchmarks the Nikon 1 series above all.

An unexpected but welcomed guest to the photography industry is the new Smart Photo Selector, one shot – five shots to choose from. We’ve all had those moments where we press the shutter release button and have a look at the preview in our LCD to find out that we just missed the photo by milliseconds, thanks to the new Smart Photo Selector you’ll never have one of those moments ever again. It begins to capture images before you even take the shot, and continues after you’re done, ultimately shooting 20 high-resolution images in quick succession. The best shot is instantly displayed on the monitor, and four more are saved for you to choose from. The camera recommends shots based on factors such
as facial expression, composition and focus so you’ll never again miss a smiling face, accidentally cut off someone’s head or end up with a blurred image.

You can also take a full-resolution photo while filming without interrupting recording. And you can shoot footage in extreme slow motion for dramatic effect. Action scenes are easy because Phase-Detection AF, which is quick to focus on moving subjects, is available during recording. Thanks to the large image sensor and high ISO sensitivity, you can shoot clear footage with low noise, even in low light, and easily soften backgrounds to make your subjects stand out. And whatever you’re filming, the range of compatible 1 NIKKOR lenses open up a world of creative possibilities.

Signing out with a bit of wisdom from Masayo Iida, Nikon’s Short Movie Creator Software Project Planning, “If someone takes a surprisingly good photo, they’re more likely to enjoy it and share it. Which will inspire others to take, enjoy and share more photos. That’s the domino effect we wish to create with this camera.”

Available in stores late October.

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