Nikon D4 Unveiled

It has been a huge surprise to the whole photographic industry when Nikon, just earlier today, announced the Mack Daddy Nikon D4! Yet to find out the number one question on everyone’s lips, price, or when it hits Australian stores however here are a few pieces of photography insider gold to keep you entertained.


The D4 is equipped with 11fps FX-format CMOS image sensor and EXPEED 3 image processor which makes this the ultimate image processing DSLR on the market.

Boasting a large 16.2 Megapixels and just showing off with ISO 50-204800 the D4 offers superior image quality under the broadest range of lighting conditions. We all knew there had to be a new DSLR in the mix for Nikon however with the integration of new features such as a wireless transmitter and internal Ethernet port it has surpassed all expectations here at Camera House and the moment we get our hands on one you’ll be the first to know!

The new wireless transmitter and internal Ethernet port mean high-speed communication and image upload is now possible, direct from the camera to an FTP server anywhere in the world. The D4 also makes it possible to view and take photos remotely (using a browser equipped computer or phone) – Imagine what this means for professional photographers, no down time at all!

Offering a superior video platform, the D4 also has the ability to record uncompressed movies to an external recorder, preserving the quality of these uncompressed files.

The Multi-area Mode Full HD D-movie movie recording function is capable of recording Full-HD movies at 30 fps, and offers three movie-recording formats for selection according to recording conditions or creative intent.

If you haven’t noticed the Nikon D4 has left us all buzzing with excitement as we hope it has you however if this article has you wanting more information head to our more extensive press release here.

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