Nikon SB-5000 Announced – The first radio-controlled Speedlight

Nikon has just announced the launch of the new Speedlight SB-5000, the first radio-controlled Speedlight, engineered to expand the potential of every photographer’s artistic ability.


Designed with radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting functionality and a cooling system that enables more than 100 continuous full-powered flashes, this Speedlight is a compelling addition to the Nikon eco-system.

“This latest Speedlight offers a cleverly engineered mix of functionality and intuitive controls so photographers can increase productivity by getting their lighting conditions right the first time. Nikon engineered the SB-5000 to offer most photographers the next level in creative lighting solutions and help them capture that perfect shot in the most productive way,” said James Murray, Director of Sales and Marketing, Nikon Australia.

Primary Features:

  1. Minimal complexity, additional creativity


Ideal lighting condition is among the key prerequisites to a photography session in the studio, or even on location. Yet when remote flash units are positioned behind objects or at greater distances, or should ambient lighting be too bright, numerous adjustments will be required. The SB-5000’s radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting (AWL) function eliminates such hassles to give photographers their choice of lighting positions and exposures. A high output flash with guide numbers of 34.5 in FX-format and 41 in DX-format further provides a wider flexibility in preferred coverage.

  1. Reduce downtime and accelerate productivity

Speeding up efficiently is a new cooling system that cools the flash head, preventing overheating and significantly increasing the number of continuous flashes.

  1. Smart design for practicality

Controls are refined, giving photographers the freedom to enjoy their shooting assignment instead of fiddling with buttons. A number of functions are assigned to the rotary multi-selector and ‘OK’ button, while the ‘i’ button provides a convenient access to frequently-used functions.


Automatic adjustments of the zoom head position to match a lens focal length also comes easy with the power of zoom function. This Speedlight also presents optimal angle of flash coverage from an automatic switching of the zoom head position as it detects a camera’s image area setting of FX- or DX-format. Rounding up design functionality of the significantly compact and small Speedlight is a bounce capacity of the flash head to tilt down to 7 degrees or up to 90 degrees, and a horizontal rotation of 180 degrees to the left and right.

Available in late January 2016.
To pre-order the New Nikon SB-5000 head into your local store today or register your interest online.


Source: Nikon Australia Pty Ltd

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