Nikon Z9 Review & Features

Everything You Need to Know About the New Nikon Z 9

The Nikon Z 9 camera is one of the most anticipated camera launches of 2021 and is the ultimate next level device, embodying advanced technical capabilities like you’ve never seen before. This mirrorless camera by Nikon combines high performing technology, offering users with a greater level of AF tracking performance for erratically moving subjects, even in high-speed continuous shooting environments. The Nikon Z 9 is a combination of every feature that a professional photographer looks for in a camera. This is the epitome of cameras by Nikon.

Key Features of the Nikon Z 9 That You Are Guaranteed to Love:

  • Real-live viewfinder
  • Over 2 hours of 10-bit 8k UHD/30p in-camera recording.
  • 4-Axis vertical/ horizontal tilting monitor.
  • Compatible with a myriad of lenses via the Z mount

Discover photography without limits in the outstanding Nikon Z 9. We guarantee that you will be impressed!

Key Specifications of the Nikon Z9

TYPEDigital camera with support for interchangeable lenses
LENS MOUNTNikon Z mount

Image Sensor Specifications:

SENSOR SIZE35.9 mm x 23.9 mm
TOTAL PIXELS52.37 million
DUST-REDUCTION SYSTEMImage sensor cleaning, Image Dust Off reference data (requires NX Studio)
IMAGE AREA (PIXELS)[FX (36 x 24)] selected for image area: (L) 8256 x 5504 ( 45.4 million) (M) 6192 x 4128 ( 25.6 million) (S) 4128 x 2752 ( 11.4 million) [DX (24 x 16)] selected for image area: (L) 5392 x 3592 ( 19.4 million) (M) 4032 x 2688 ( 10.8 million) (S) 2688 x 1792 ( 4.8 million) [1:1 (24 x 24)] selected for image area: (L) 5504 x 5504 ( 30.3 million) (M) 4128 x 4128 ( 17.0 million) (S) 2752 x 2752 ( 7.6 million) [16:9 (36 x 20)] selected for image area: (L) 8256 x 4640 ( 38.3 million) (M) 6192 x 3480 ( 21.5 million) (S) 4128 x 2320 ( 9.6 million)

The Nikon Z 9 Has Been Equipped With Impressive Technology, Allowing For Advanced Photography Outcomes

Powerful speed 7 for peak performance 

Unleash new levels of performance in the Nikon Z 9 with the advanced expeed image processing engine. Allowing for 10 x faster-processing speed compared to the Nikon 7 II, this device is equipped to take your photography to the next level! The uniquely designed engine processes dual-streamed data from the image sensor separately, taking into consideration the real-live viewfinder, allowing for optimal performance outcomes in both imagery and videography.  

Convenient design and high performing build

The Nikon Z 9 has been designed with comfortable use at top of mind. Being 20% smaller than the previous Nikon Z 6 model, this device is highly portable. Battery life is no concern in the Nikon Z 9 which has been fitted with an impressive EN-EL18 series battery, varying 700 shots or up to 5100 when using burst. 

Persistent tracking makes it easy to focus on your subject 

The Nikon Z 9 is the first device within the Z series to have been equipped with 3D-tracking solutions. In addition to this impressive feature, the Z 9 takes it up a notch.. Paired with subject detection, users can continue to track fast-paced subjects that approach closely and then move away quickly. Looking for a device that will capture performing athletes at the highest quality? Look no further than the Nikon Z 9. 

Track up to 9 unique subject types with impressive range capability 

The Nikon Z 9 has been equipped with an impressive algorithm that allows users to capture up to 9 different subjects while achieving reliable AF. When shooting humans, the camera works to detect and maintain focus on one’s eye, even when wearing accessories such as goggles, providing outstanding quality. In dynamic situations where the AF cannot track a person’s face, it will automatically switch focus to the head or upper body to maintain focus on the subjects.    

Take advantage of the vast AF coverage in the new Nikon Z 9. This device has been equipped with three dynamic-area AF modes: (S) with a focus area equivalent to that of the D6 model, (M) with an area as large as that of the Z 7II, and (L) with a greater focus setting than we’ve ever seen in this range. The incorporation of these advanced AF settings assists users in unpredictable moments, such as sports photography. 

Improved stacked CMOS sensor allows for the world’s most minimal rolling-shutter distortion

The Nikon Z 9 has been fitted with a unique stacked CMOS sensor including 45.7 effective megapixels, working to enable approximately 12 x faster readout compared to the Z 7 II. Equipped with the world’s fastest scanning speed, this device achieves minimal roller-shutter distortion.

Top Three Reasons Why We Think You’ll Love the Nikon Z 9

There are so many reasons to love the new Nikon Z 9, but we’re going to bring you our top reasons: 

  • Excellent video quality and performance for practical applications
  • Tenacious AF that confidently nails critical moments in action
  • Dependable, ergonomic 4-axis vertical/ horizontal tilting monitor 

Maximise your photography possibilities with the outstanding performance offered in the Nikon Z 9.

Our Expert’s Opinion on the Nikon Z 9:

Our resident camera experts at Camera House have been getting hands-on with the amazing Nikon Z9, here is our opinion:

With the absolute confidence of never missing a single detail, In scenes of constant motion, In ice-cold or searing heat, To bring these untold moments to light. Now the time has come. With the arrival of a truly next-level flagship mirrorless camera: Fast, powerful, dependable — in an incredible range of scenarios. Experience ultimate professional image-making like never before. Whatever the challenge, whatever your goal, Nothing stands in your way. Nikon Z 9: Unstoppable.

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