Olympus E-PL2

The second camera in Olympus’ PEN micro four thirds range, the PEN E PL2 delivers many of the same features that you loved about the E PL1 and adds in some extra bells and whistles, including the option of a detachable Electronic View Finder (EVF) that sports a 1.44 million dot resolution screen and a vari-angle Live View screen with a 60fps refresh rate.

Moving subjects can now be tracked using the new AF Tracking focus setting, so the subject of your movies and stills will always look crystal clear. Novice shooters can switch over to Intelligent Auto (I Auto) mode and the E PL2 will take all the detective work out of choosing the correct setting to suit your shot. I Auto now also works with I Enhance, which automatically adjusts tone and contrast and depth of field for professional looking shots.

Expert shooters can take control of the action by opting for Manual controls. Traditional exposure modes of Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed priority and Program Auto can be selected just by setting the dial.

A 324-zone light meter in the intelligent ESP metering mode provides accurate automated exposure decisions, or you can choose to use center-weighted or spot-Olmetering.

Add an MMF-1 lens adapter to your camera and you can also use all the E-system SLR lenses, making this a versatile compact solution for the semi pro shooter that doesn’t always want to carry around a full size DSLR.

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