Olympus PEN-F announced and it couldn’t be more stylish

Aimed at photographers who appreciate photographic instruments of fine design and quality, the Olympus PEN-F captures attention with its beautiful classic styling that is inspired by the elegant Olympus PEN F 35mm film camera of 1963. Exuding ‘masterpiece’ craftsmanship and a highly-refined finish, the new PEN-F is designed to have outstanding ergonomics. Its milledmetal, click-detented dials and control switches feature diamond-cut edges that, combined with the precise touch and feedback response of its mechanical interfaces, provide the photographer with a luxuriously tactile usage experience.

Olympus PEN-F

A new 20-megapixel Live MOS sensor and the Truepic VII imaging engine gives the PEN-F the highest imaging resolution amongst Olympus compact system cameras. Together with the proven in-built Olympus 5-Axis VCM IS system and high-resolution M.Zuiko lenses, you are assured of the highest quality handheld stills and video results.

In the special Hi-res Shot mode*4, the PEN-F captures 50-megapixel jpeg shots (or 80-megapixel RAW*5 files) by automatically compositing multiple shots, taken with the shifting of the image sensor in ultra-precise half-pixel steps. Hi-res photos have clarity in both detail and colour accuracy that exceed or rival full-size sensor cameras.

To ensure that you will rarely miss important decisive moments, the PEN-F has the shortest shutter release lag*2 amongst current compact system camera of just 44ms. This has been achieved through optimised digital and mechanical control systems that include the lightning-quick autofocus performance of Olympus M.Zuiko lenses. For photography in noise-sensitive situations, the PEN-F’s silent mode*6 provides the photographer with the ability to shoot in near complete stealth.

The PEN-F is the first Olympus camera to have a Monochrome and Colour Profile Control feature. Accessed through a front-facing Creative Dial, profile control provides user-customisable tone and saturation image presets that simulate the appearance of classic colour and black and white film. In the monochrome profile mode, digitised ‘film grain’ can even be added to the image. The Creative Dial also provides quick access to Art Filters and the special Colour Creator mode that enables intuitive, preview-able application of colour hue and saturation adjustments.
The new Olympus PEN-F: A true masterpiece of design and imaging technology.

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