Olympus TG-Tracker

Olympus just announced the new Tough TG-Tracker, the first Action Camera in the Olympus range and it’s taken on a lot of the qualities from their popular Tough compact camera range, especially the Olympus Tough TG-4.


This new action camera is definitely a robust looking piece of gear and its form is definitely compact (35mm(w) x 56.6mm(h) x 93.2mm(d)) considering all that’s packed into it. Plus, it weighs in at a small 108g including the Battery and Memory Card.


The TG-Tracker records in 4K at 30p and 1080 at 60p video which is all captured through an ultra-wide angle 13.9mm F/2.0 lens, a 1/2.3” Back-Illuminated CMOS Sensor and processed via Olympus’ infamous Processing Engine, the “TruePic VII for 4K”. Time-lapse movie function is also on-board for those on their travels wanting to spend some additional time capturing that perfect sunset.


Now this camera is an ‘action camera’ so it’s important to note the features that our adventure and thrill seekers will need and love:

  • 30m Waterproof (without a housing)
  • 1m Shockproof
  • 100kg Crushproof
  • -10° Freezeproof
  • F/2.0 Lens with 94 Degree FOV in Water
  • 5-Axis Camera Shake Correction
  • Acceleration Metre to capture the state and movement of your footage
  • 1” LCD for Footage Playback
  • Field Sensor System

The Field Sensor System simultaneously records GPS, compass, barometer (altitude/depth), accelerometer and thermometer data to provide an enhanced movie-plus-data playback experience in Full HD resolution on your smart phone or tablet.

As mentioned above this camera will connect to your Smart Device, this is done via Wi-Fi which means you can also share your photos and video online with ease. Also, with GPS on board the TG-Tracker will ensure that all of your images are tagged with the location in which you took them. This is a great way of archiving your photography based on location so in the future you can quickly recall your images based on your whereabouts.


Data augmented video playback on smart device showing map and elevation/depth log options. Video can be controlled using a tap or tap & drag action on the map or chart. Only Full HD videos are viewable. The OI.Track 2.0 app is available for iOS and Android.



OI.Track 2.0 app screens showing from left to right, album view, image/video plus log data view, and log data only view options.

A common mistake with action cameras is the position and size of the ‘record’ button. Olympus have taken note and have introduced a big obvious button right at the top of the camera which will make it easy to find no matter where it is mounted. Ergonomically this camera seems to tick all of the boxes.

The TG-Tracker isn’t being launch by it’s lonesome, the new Action camera by Olympus comes bundled with a select few purpose-built accessories:


Underwater Lens Protector (UP-T01)


Steady Grip (SG-T01)


Case (CSCH-125)

The TG-Tracker also comes with a Mount Coupling accessory which will allow you to add all GoPro compatible accessories.



The Olympus TG-Tracker is available in Green & Black from June 2016. Pre-Order or Register Your Interest today.




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