Our Favourite Photography Locations in NSW

New South Wales is littered with breath-taking sites. From architectural marvels to natural wonders, there is plenty to see. Whether you’re sightseeing in Sydney, or hiking through a stunning national park, you’ll want to take your camera to capture the magnificent beauty New South Wales has on offer.

Below are some of our favourite photography locations in NSW, with a few contributions from our photography experts and Camera House NSW staff!

From the major attractions of Sydney, including the fascinating architecture of the Opera House, to the little-known shipwrecks of Homebush Bay, you won’t run out of sights to photograph.

Mount Hay & The Blue Mountains

Mount Hay by Steve Norris

Steve from our Katoomba Camera House store let us in on this lesser-known photography locale. While you might be battling for a spot to set up your camera at the enormously popular Echo Point lookout, there are plenty of other spots that will give you unique and breath-taking views.

The Blue Mountains are renowned for their striking blue tinge, dramatic cliffs, and natural landscapes. You will get a view of the Three Sisters at Echo Point, but there is a lot more to see off the beaten track.

Steve recommends a visit to Mount Hay. Located in the Blue Mountains National Park, it’s a 2-hour drive from Sydney, with the final 15 kilometres along a dirt road. But it’s well worth the trip.

In spring, photographers will be excited to capture the vibrant colours of wildflowers, while a visit at sunset will result in some amazing photographs.

Stever recommends bringing a tripod for low-light photo opportunities, along with a polarising filter, good walking shoes (you’ll have to cross an uneven track for some 15 minutes from the car park), and a torch if you’re shooting sunsets.

He also advises patience, as the weather changes very quickly in the mountains. However, some of your best shots will happen when rain and storms are about (but be sure to take wet weather gear for yourself and your camera!).

Sydney Harbour Bridge & the Opera House

Sydney Opera House

They’re probably the most photographed attractions in all of Australia. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do something unique with your photographs of these architectural marvels.

From Jeffreys Street in Kirribilli, you can capture the iconic “Coathanger” bridge, as well as the fantastic Sydney skyline. Or get a view from the less crowded but equally impressive Observatory Hill.

As for the Opera House, with so many interesting angles it’s hard to suggest just one locale for great photos. But we highly recommend you catch a ferry with your DSLR and a wide angle lens.

Our Best Waterfalls

Waterfall photo with waterdrops in the top left corner

Photographing waterfalls is fun, exciting, and results in some amazing photographs. There are too many brilliant waterfalls to consider for New South Wales, so here’s a list of some of our favourites.

John Ralph from Erina Camera House recently mentioned Somersby Falls, staggered waterfalls just over an hour’s drive from Sydney.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a waterfall a little closer to the city, the amazing Upper Gledhill Falls is just 45 minutes away.

Alternatively, if you are planning on travelling to the Blue Mountains, there are some beautiful waterfalls in the national park, including the very photogenic Sylvia Falls.

Historic Architectural Remnants

Knapsack Viaduct

The Boothtown or Greystanes Aqueduct is located an hour west of Sydney. Built in 1888, it has a very distinctive, medieval look uncommon to Australia.

It’s utterly striking to look at, and you will happily spend hours photographing its interesting architecture.

The Knapsack Viaduct was built in the 1860s. It was originally built to act as a rail bridge and formed a part of the Lapstone Zig Zag railway. You can now hike along this remnant of New South Wales’s past for impressive views of the Blue Mountains and this stunning piece of architectural history.

Homebush Bay Shipwrecks

Homebush Bay Shipwreck

Not many people know about the shipwrecks of Homebush Bay. It’s often surprising that such a sight is so close to the city.

By car, it’s 30 minutes west of the Sydney CBD. In the sixties, Homebush Bay was approved for use as a shipwreck yard. These ships are now supporting the ecosystem as artificial reefs.

You won’t have to jump aboard a boat to see these interesting shipwrecks. The most popular, the SS Ayrfield is visible from land.

The Entrance

Camera House Erina’s John Ralph recently spoke to us about the photography courses available through Camera House stores.

He highly recommended The Entrance as a fantastic place to find a range of interesting photography subjects and scenery.

It’s a 90-minute drive from Sydney, sitting at the mouth of Tuggerah Lake. It’s an excellent seaside community with plenty of photographic opportunities on offer.

boat beside the entrance jetty

Now that you have your photography itinerary, you will need a camera to make the most of these beautiful locales! For the best photography equipment check out the Camera House online store or venture into one of our NSW camera stores for more personalised advice!

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