Get Inspired with These 10 Epic Drone Videos

Thanks to drone technology, videography has really stepped it up a notch in the last few years. Now, we’re seeing the most stunning perspectives of the world rarely captured – birds-eye views of some of the most magnificent landscapes around.

We’ve brought together some of favourite drone videos from across the years to showcase just what you can do with a drone. Check out our top drone videos below and start gathering inspiration today!

10 of the Best Drone Videos Ever Created

1. Experimenting with props on Koh Yao Noi

Philip Bloom’s video starts with low panning shots of beaches in a truly idyllic setting on the Thai island of Koh Yao Noi.

We love the way Philip flies his drone through structures, tree branches, and other props to add stunning composition to the photo. But most notably, Philip isn’t afraid to fly low before soaring to a stunning panorama of the scene to captivating effect.



2. Flying into an erupting volcano

Sometimes you have to do something radical to stand out from the crowd. And how much more creative (not to mention daring) can you get than flying a drone into an erupting volcano?

Watch this video and you’ll be gasping at how close Shaun O’Callaghan takes his drone into the flying lava and ash clouds of Yasur Volcano in Vanuatu.



3. Building momentum with sound

A vital part of John Duncan’s captivating video of Scotland is the power of the soundtrack. He’s able to build momentum by playing with volume and combining atmospheric sound with inspiring music.

Notice that most shots are filmed at either sunrise or sunset when the light casts a golden glow on the landscapes.



4. Using props to show perspective

This incredible drone video of Norway uploaded by WWWimasikCZ highlights the way you can place certain props or elements in a photo to demonstrate perspective. Small villages, vehicles, and even a lone hut are all used as focal points before the video pans out to expansive scenery.

This video also makes excellent use of light, recording the way light interacts with the subject by using reflections and golden hour.



5. Interacting with subjects

The art of any successful video is in the ability to tell a story. But few demonstrate this as well as this video, sponsored by Parrot Drones.

Drone videos are usually shot from above, but this video takes a unique perspective in recording closeups of animals – and having a secondary camera on hand to record the animal’s reactions to the drone. A comic viewing!



6. Playing with light

Another tourism-worthy video, DJI has produced some stunning aerial footage of Iceland. Look out for the scene recorded from behind a waterfall with the sun perfectly positioned for light play.

Also noteworthy is the way DJI has incorporated timelapse footage into various shots. This mixes up the scenes and creates a dramatic effect that works perfectly in the Land of Fire and Ice.


7. Observing animals at play

Drone cameras can do something few other cameras can – they can get up close and personal with animals in an unobtrusive way.

In this video, Eric Sterman has captured the incredible play of whales in shallow waters. A stunning scene is where he captures surfers nearby to give perspective to the size of the whales.



8. Giving insight into a forgotten world

Danny Cooke has created some incredible drone footage, mixed with other styles of videography, to capture the haunting sights of Chernobyl in Ukraine.

Changing up aerial drone shots with footage shot from a fixed position is a great way to add interest to the video. In this case, the drone shots provide a great perspective of how much nature has reclaimed much of the abandoned city.



9. Showcasing expanse, depth, and texture in the landscape

In this video, Wild Pacific Media captures incredible footage from remote parts of Australia. Wild Pacific Media has used drones to showcase the expanse, depth, and texture of our great southern land.
Pay attention to how the video integrates the sounds of nature and atmospheric elements into its soundtrack. Also particularly clever is the way they invert footage to switch between scenes (at around roughly the 01:45 mark).


10. Getting up close & personal with architecture

One thing that’s rarer to see in drone videos – mostly because of the restrictions around flying in residential and metropolitan areas and within structures – is the use of drones to capture the details of architecture up close. This incredible video by captures stunning footage of the inside of the Byzantine.

The light flooding through the windows is what makes this video so captivating – imagine if it had been shot in the stark midday light. The advantage of drones in places such as cathedrals is their ability to get up close and personal with the architectural details in high domes and ceilings – which this video captures perfectly.



If photography is more your thing, check out these incredible shots you can achieve with a drone.

Feel inspired by what you’ve seen? Want to start creating some incredible footage just like this? The first step is to grab yourself a quality drone! Check out our range of high quality drones online at Camera House today and you’ll be shooting incredible aerial footage in no time.

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