Our Top 13 Photoshop Photo Effects For 2013

1. Swap Faces With Photoshop

Ever wanted to make fun of a friend, trade faces with a celeb for a day, transform a standard family photo into a funny one…? Then definitely try out this tutorial courtesy of PSDTuts+ – This is a fun way to burn some time and we’re sure your family/friends will appreciate the giggle.

2. How To Create A Surreal Double Exposure Portrait Using Photoshop

Photography isn’t just taking a photo anymore, people love to experiment with images and Double Exposures are definitely on the rise as the new ‘cool’ thing to do. Check out this great tutorial from PetaPixel on how to transform a Portrait into a piece of art.

3. Photoshop Water Reflection Effect

Whether you have a stunning image and want to make it that bit more spectacular, or even if you have a spectacular image and want to experiment with it to give it extra edge. This water reflection effect done in photoshop could just be your new favourite. Steve Patterson from Photoshop Essentials takes you through a step by step process of how to acheive reflection perfection.

4. How To Make Digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photography

If you don’t know what ‘Lomo Photography’ means turn to your closest hipster and ask them… but if there is no hipster in sight lomo is a shortened word of ‘lomography‘. The company quotes “The inspired technology of the seemingly humble camera captured moody shots, which boasted obscure light effects against vibrant colour and movement” and it is exactly that. Moody, Full of Colour and definitely removed from the quality photos that we see digital cameras produce today. Lomography cameras stand apart from the crowd and up until 2010 when Instagram hit the market, nothing came close to being able to replicate the very unique ‘lomo’ look. Take a look at this great tutorial from Digital Photography School which will turn your crystal clear shots into the old, quirky and character filled photos that is usually achieved from a lomo camera. Nice tutorial DPS!

5. Add Dynamic Lighting To A Flat Photograph

Do you have a photo that you know has potential but is a little dull and flat? Come on don’t say no, we all have one 😉 For those that answered yes and have been waiting for an easy way to bring them up to make you go wow, take a look at this great tutorial from PSDTuts+

6. Tilt-Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial

Tilt-Shift Photography can be expensive if you just want to do it as a once off for a photo project but thanks to the guys at Tilt-Shift Photography there’s now a quick and easy way to acheive a similar result in Photoshop. Take a look and be sure to let us know how you went with it, did it get the desired look you were after?

7. Photoshop Layers De-Mystified: A Beginners Guide To Smarter Photo Editing

The folks at Digital Camera World have put together an easy and very understandable guide to understanding your layers palette, photoshop layers in effect and what they call the only 3 tips you need to know about using layers. Check it out, it may be the basics but it is very beneficial to know if your not a PSD expert.

8. Advanced Skin Softening

Now this is an old faithful! If you don’t know how the pro’s make celebrities faces look flawless on magazine covers then take a look at this tutorial from It’s one you should bookmark because it will be that time when you desperately need to remove a blemish from an almost frame worthy photo and you won’t be able to find it. Bookmark Away!

9. How To Create Professional HDR Images

HDR photos definitely made a heavy impact on the Photography industry towards the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012. Everyone was doing it and those that weren’t wanted to know how. Blogger Backing Winds has created a great and concise tutorial that goes into the depths of how to transform a regular digital photograph into HDR art. *NOTE* Backing Winds doesn’t skimp on details so prepare a coffee and take a seat to really get the most from this post.

10. How To Batch Resize In Photoshop

Hallelujah Digital Photography School! If you don’t know how to do this and you often find yourself resizing images for your website, Facebook page, whatever it may be, then definitely LOOK AT THIS ARTICLE as it will save you time, frustration and also the possibility of developing RSI…

11. Instagram Your Images Using Photoshop

There’s obviously a reason why people love Instagram and yes it’s because it makes everything plain seem uber beautiful. Or something standard look superior and idyllic. There’s one problem though, they are hideously low res and apart from storing them on your phone, or uploading them to Facebook or other social networks they are not ideal. If you want to extend the love of a photo and want to get it enlarged, framed, canvased but you would love that ‘vintage’ filter that Instagram has then check out this cool tutorial from Abduzeedo to do exactly that.

12. Bokeh Photo Effect

Who doesn’t love a bit of bokeh in their life! This article from AlfoArt is a great kickstart to get you into acheiving bokeh perfection right from your computer with no extra fancy lens attachments or messing around with paper clippings and masking tape.

13. Changing Eye Colour In An Image With Photoshop

Thanks to Photoshop Essentials you now have an easy step by step guide to changing eye colour. Blue to green, not revolutionary we know, but think further. Imagine if you really want to take a spooky photo to the next level and add some orange/red vampire eyes. What if you want to go zombie like and make them white. This tutorial will show you how and we’re sure you’ll find it interesting if you’re quite to portrait photographer.

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