People Shots with Mark Dallinger

Mark Dallinger was the winner of the 2010 Camera House Photographer of the Year comp (People and Animals section). We discover why photography is in his blood…

Where did your passion for photography Stem?
Photography has been running through my blood since before I was born. My grandfather and father were both photographers, so as soon as I could hold a camera I knew it was for me.

What Was the inspiration for your Winning photo?
My daughter is always an inspiration to me and when I found the backdrop of the blue door, I couldn’t help myself!

What Were the challenges in taking this shot? How did you overcome them?
Kids and animals are always a challenge. I try not to be overbearing and get down to their level. It’s also important to take a step back and watch how the subject interacts with their environment. I always have my finger on the shutter button because I never know what their next move will be.

Is rapport with your subject necessary to achieve a great shot? Why?
Yes, it definitely makes it easier. The subject is my daughter, but even then it took some time to get a great shot. I still needed to be patient and stand back and let her be herself.

What equipment did you use?

I used a Nikon D90 with an 18mm-105mm VR lens. Camera Mode: Manual. / 6.3F, Shutter Speed 160. ISO: 400. No flash, available light.

Click here to see Mark’s winning image!

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