Get Creative with Your Family Christmas Card Ideas

We wouldn’t be surprised if your phone was filled with cute photos of your family members. But how often do you actually take the time to get everyone together for a family portrait and then keep the results in a hard copy?

Christmas is an opportunity to get a little fun with your family snaps. Here, you can have documented evidence of your children’s growth each year or just use the photo as an excuse to express your family’s quirky side (as the Bergerons have done with every Christmas card).

This year, it’s even more special to receive a personalised Christmas card, since many of us are unable to visit family members interstate or overseas.

Looking for some fun ideas for your family Christmas photos. Why not try one of these creative ideas below?

Creative Christmas card photo ideas

Get playful with snow kisses

Girl blowing powdered snow from hands

So snow isn’t quite a thing for a Christmas down under but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace that northern hemisphere spirit with some fake snow! 

If you don’t like the idea of snow, you can always use confetti instead, which is just as celebratory.

Use Christmas lights as backlighting

A mum leaning over a baby wearing a Christmas hat.

The Christmas tree creates the perfect lighting scenario for a family Christmas photo. Gather the crew together and create a natural scene with the Christmas tree in the background.

The lights from the tree will produce a beautiful halo around the subjects, which creates a magical effect perfect for a Christmas card. 

Make baby the star

A baby wearing a Santa hat with a Christmas tree in the background

There’s nothing quite as exciting as celebrating your first Christmas with the newest family member.

Whether the Christmas card features a funny face or cuteness overload, all your family members will be calling to comment. Consider a festive costume or keep it simple.

Use lights as a prop

Two hands holding strings of fairy lights.

Think Christmas and you think of lights: lights around the Christmas tree, the flickering flame at those Carols by Candlelight, house lights. 

This is the perfect prop for you to play with in your family Christmas photos! Make the most of it.

Decorating the Christmas tree

A girl decorating a Christmas tree

It’s a beautiful moment at Christmas time when the family comes together to adorn the Christmas tree. Everyone is happy and amused, making it a great opportunity to capture a candid family photo.

Wear matching outfits

Family photos for Christmas can be fun! Pick a colour theme and have everyone dress in the same getup for a striking family Christmas photo. 

A photo such as the one below is simple but fun and even stylish. For a hilarious take on this, consider getting matching ugly Christmas sweaters.

A family with mother, father, two boys and a girl wearing matching red tops.

Use the most beloved family member

A dog wearing a Christmas Santa hat.

For some of us, the family pet is the favourite among your extended family and friends. And you can’t deny they can make some adorable photos. 

Dress your dog up in a cute Christmas outfit or capture your cat getting curious with the baubles on the Christmas tree. 

How to design your own Christmas cards

You can have a lot of fun designing your own Christmas cards! Getting the right shot could involve an impromptu moment when you see the perfect scene entirely by accident. 

Alternatively, it could involve some work; a sitdown with the family and a vote on the funniest or best idea. You might even need to head to the shops for props. 

As for equipment, you can go as simple as taking a snap on your smartphone. Or you can create the whole studio setup, complete with DSLR, tripod, remote shutter, and studio lights. 

You might want to edit your photo in Lightroom or even add some graphics with Photoshop or a free program such as Canva

Camera House can turn those personalised family photos into Christmas cards with our dedicated greeting card print service. Simply upload them to our website and select to have them delivered or to pick them up in-store.

Are you ready to have some fun this Christmas? We can’t wait to see the results!

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