Photo Friday – AUTUMN – Michelle Allen


‘Photo Friday’ is a weekly photography competition that Camera House Australia runs. Every week we choose a new theme and prize, and this week the winner was Michelle Allen who entered into our AUTUMN theme.

We asked Michelle about her image, and this is what she had to say:

I took it with a Nikon D7000. During a drive back into Perth from down south, we noticed these gorgeous red trees by the side of the road. We had to stop to take some photos. It was so perfect, with the drizzling rain and the autumn colours starting to settle in. My friend Zal, who is in the photo, has this crazy amazing curly fro, so I just had to take a photo of him surrounded by all the colours and the raindrops. I used lightroom to edit the photo, very minimally, enhanced some of the beautiful colours. As for advice, I am a beginner myself, and most of the times I seek out advice! But if I wanted to say anything, it’d be to encourage people who want to get into photography, to not be intimidated and to just go for it! There’s no such thing as a good or bad photographer, if you have a passion for it, pursue it and enjoy it! We all have such unique, wonderful views of the world, let’s share it more through photography! 🙂


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