Photo Friday Competition

Since re-launching their website at Christmas to include user generated content such as reviews and online galleries, the folk at Camera House have been on the hunt for the best new photographers in the land. Their new initiatives to entice you online to show off your wares have included online galleries and the Facebook Photo Friday comp – which sees shooters vying for some great prizes.

What inspired the Photo Friday comp?
Camera House wanted to build a strong photographic community and the ideal platform is Facebook to share, comment and engage with other people and their images.

How do you choose the theme for each week’s comp?
We look at what’s coming up, what’s popular and will even look to ask the community on what they think so they have a degree of input as well.

What are you looking for in the winning images?
Within the categories we have run we are looking for that image that includes a good subject matter, composition, something that is different and engaging.

How can people enter?
Simple, all you need to do is go to and ‘like’ the page. Then select the Photo Friday tab on the right hand side, upload your image and you’re ready to go!

What type of prizes are up for grabs?
We have a range of prizes that we are giving away from the latest and greatest cameras, to accessories and print products from all the leading brands.

Why run a comp like Photo Friday? What’s the benefit for camera house and for the consumer/user?
We engage with like-minded people and provide them with a hub to promote and better their photography.

What other ways can people get involved with the Camera House website?
We have just launched the first online gallery where customers have a chance to WIN prizes and this caters for all different levels of photography. Further to that customers can view our blog where they can learn about the latest products, hints and tips. You can also join our mailing list where we send out the latest offers via our newsletter.

Click here to join the Camera House facebook page 🙂

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  • I like your cameras especially the DSLR Cameras

  • William Long says:

    Where are the terms and conditions for your Photo Friday Competition ? I dont want to accept your APP, as that alone states: “This app may post on your behalf, including photos you entered and more.” What does that actually mean – “and more”.

    Terms and conditions should be available prior to having to like your Facebook page.

    I look forward to hearing from you

  • Camera House says:

    Hi William, you’ll find the Photo Friday Terms and Conditions towards the bottom of this page ( ) on our website and also within the app on Facebook.

    Where it says “This app may post on your behalf, including photos you entered and more” all that refers to is our Photo Friday app identifies when you’ve posted a photo in the competition and will place a tile on your Facebook wall saying that you’ve entered Photo Friday. The administers of the Camera House Facebook page can’t actually directly write on your wall it is just an app notification that will have that access. One other thing that the app will do is create a Photo Friday album in your Facebook Images called Photo Friday, this is where the images are stored that you entered so that you can refer back to them at anytime. If you have any further questions before accepting the app please email and they’ll be able to help you out with any further information you may need – hopefully this helps 🙂

  • Kate Nicolson says:

    I would enter this competition however I don’t want you having access to my facebook data. I don’t need to publicise to the FB community that I have entered a competition. Is there not another way of entering?

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