Photo Friday Decisions Winner – Babbs

What camera did you use? Canon 600D

What settings did you use? f/6.3 1/160 ISO: 100 Lens 18-55mm @35mm with artificial lighting/ flash ( Beauty dish

What inspired this shot? This shot was actually a portfolio shot, a learning curve for lighting and studio use. I wanted to show people what i can do and what inspires me as a photographer. I love tattoos and want to show people the beauty of being different. That everyone should be looked at equal despite the colour or colours of their skin.

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program? I am very proud to say no i did not edit this photo. I add my logo and that is all. I find the more and more I learn about photography and take photos the less I have to edit my final images.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers? Never give up!!! believe in yourself and always strive for more. Don’t be afraid to get dirty if it means taking what YOU deem to be the perfect shot. Strive for originality and never stop learning:) Art doesn’t come in one form and that is the same with photography, just because one person may not see something in your shot, doesn’t mean others won’t.

Where was this photo taken? At the amazing Chris Huzzards Studio located in Perth.

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