Photo Friday Easter Winner – Vicki

What camera did you use? The camera I use was my old Fuji HS20,i had it set on auto and 10 second set which allow me time to run back to strike a pose every time. Mind you there was a lot of running back 😉

What inspired this shot? I knew it was coming up to Easter and I always do some think different with my face for whatever the occasions are. So I headed into the kitchen and seen the cooking chocolate and my mind started to race with ideas and then I seen the grater, KABOOM! “Happy Easter”…

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program? No editing at all just a lot of body paint and good backdrop.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers? My advice, is sometimes dare to be different and not always stay in the box, it’s great to step out and let your imagination with photography run wild it’s surprising at what you can create. But most of all have fun with your photography, what a great love to have.

Where was this photo taken? I turn my lounge room in to my studio for the day, mind you after the shoot the carpets had to be clean. So kid’s don’t try this inside 😉 It took 5 hours to do it all.

I have a face book page if you would like to have a look,– Called Raw Funk Photography.
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