Photo Friday ‘Emotions’ Winner – Shirley!


What camera did you use? Canon EOS 7D

What inspired this shot? I took the shot specifically for an “emotive portrait” themed competition. This is my daughter, and it was a fun mini shoot in the garden practicing not smiling!

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program? Most adjustments were done in Lightroom to increase clarity. I also used the silver effex plugin to convert to B&W.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers? Sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone. I hardly ever take portrait images, so this win was extra special.

Where was this photo taken? My back garden, using natural light and a black fleece over the swing set!

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  • Jenny Evans says:

    Fantastic photo – I love the clarity and the intensity of the image. Your creativity with creating the set is wonderful. Congratulations.

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