Photo Friday Friendship Winner Colleen!


What camera did you use?  Canon EOS 5DMKII

What settings did you use? Exposure 1/640, Aperture f/5.6, Focal Length 160mm, ISO Speed 1000.

What inspired this shot? During summer we live outdoors, and the dog would just follow our son everywhere, I spent many hours just practising using my camera on them both.

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program? I edited in Lightroom, with a simple black and white action.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers? Just keep on clicking.

Where was this photo taken? At home in our backyard.

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  • Jen Fawkes says:

    Congratulations Colleen, it’s a stunning photo, even to the trike in the background (dogs are obviously better to sit on when nude!!

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