Photo Friday From The Pantry Winner – Vicki

What camera did you use? Again took it with my faithful FujiFilm 20

What settings did you use? I set it on portrait and once again 10 sec to give me time to get back and set up the pose.

What inspired this shot? Everything inspires me you say what and my mind goes crazy. I was sitting down one day and sewing on a button well “BANG” that button never got done I had a shoot to do with the button’s cotton ect…I am just a very creative person with a passion for photography. When you put this comp up for pantry I had to enter this one.

I went and had a look at my pantry and now I have come up with some think else for me to just shoot that I have found, my mind never stops…

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program? No Photoshop…I know but what I did without giving to much of my secret away is” LIGHTING” I am learning a lot about lighting and angles, you get that right it will make the photo. I use more lighting on the right of me and the back of me also I use paint and the pink in my hair is pick frosting comb through very lightly… So that gave it a bit more contrast.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers? I really can’t give much advice am not a pro photographer, all I can say is to keep your love of photography growing and never give up. If you do enter a competition and you don’t win or a place trust me go harder and learn from it…That’s how I am learning and also learning from the judge’s choices.

Where was this photo taken? Again the lounge room, hey they say you have to start of small 😉

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  • Angela says:

    I’m sorry, you must think we are stupid for believing there is no photoshopping in this. The face looks plastic, and there are no natural lines under the eyes. No amount of “good lighting” will achieve this. I don’t know who in Camerahouse is qualified to judge the recent photos, but they are in no way qualified to judge based on technical skills. Creativity maybe, but so many technical aspects are often overlooked in these “winners”

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