Photo Friday Goodnight Winner – Gav Oliver

Gav Oliver

What inspired this photo?
This pic was my first real attempt at star trails. I’ve seen so many amazing shots I had to give it a go! This image was taken on the side of a mountain, 4000m up in Sacred Valley, Peru, on the second night of the trek to Machu Picchu.

What camera did you use?
It was shot with a Nikon D7000 with a Nikon 10-24mm lens.

What settings did you use?
Manual mode, f3.5, ISO 400, 30 second exposure(s). I set the timer in camera to shoot one hundred 30 second exposures consecutively but I only used 59 of those shots because the temperature dropped to -8degrees and my lens began to ice up.

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program?
I used StarStax, a free program to stack the images to create the star trails, then sharpened the final image in CS6 with a high pass filter set to low opacity and a soft light blending mode.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers?
My only advice to other photographers is to take LOTS of pictures! Try new things, get out and explore what’s around you and have a heap of fun doing it!

To find out how to shoot star trails click here to learn how on The Classroom.

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