Photo Friday Landscape Winner – James


 What camera did you use?

I used a Nikon D300s with a 10-24mm lens. The image was shot at 10m.

 What inspired this shot?

I had been out to a planned location, a jetty jutting out into a lagoon, however there was a boat moored alongside and a small party happening on the boat so I decided to move on and look elsewhere. While driving around with one eye on the road and the other scouring the environs I spotted these trees with the glow in the low cloud. I hit the brakes and the rest is history!

 Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program?

I always shoot RAW format and deliberately set the saturation levels quite low in camera so I can adjust them more accurately on the computer. I made some levels, contrast and saturation adjustments. I use Capture NX2 for editing. It works beautifully with Nikon RAW files.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers?

Experiment! I first started playing with Startrails about three years ago and experimented with different settings and approaches to the way I took them. Every failure was a lesson learnt and there is no better way to learn how your camera reacts to different situations. It may take you longer to get the result that you’re looking for but you’ll become a far more knowledgeable photographer and have a much greater understanding of the way your shutter speed and aperture work together and the results you can expect.

Where was this photo taken?

This picture is overlooking Corio bay in Geelong. The glow in the distance is from the Alcoa Aluminium smelter. A low level layer of distant cloud enhanced the orange glow. Another big bonus was the Jetstar flight that flew into shot as it made its approach into Avalon Airport!


To have a look at this weeks great prize the Olympus TG-810 click here.

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