Photo Friday Open Entry Winner – Dylan!

What camera did you use? Canon 5D mk2, 17-40mm L-series

What settings did you use? f11, 1/4 second, iso 50

What inspired this shot? I had captured a similar frame the previous week in b&w. On arrival this particular evening with the clouds starting to glow I couldn’t resist to set this frame up again. The lightning strikes started occurring by pure chance and just happened to be right at the end of the channel. The main bolt was far closer to shore than any of the others that evening and I was lucky enough to be taking an exposure when it struck. It is a 3 image exposure blend for dynamic range (all manual no HDR programs). This is a technique I love rather than using graduated filters, it is far more accurate.

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program? The RAW file was processed in Adobe Lightroom 4 and then exported to Photoshop CS6 for contrast, brightness, and saturation adjustments.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers? Closely follow and study the work of photographers who’s work you admire. There are only a small number of photographers who’s websites I regularly visit. Knowing what you want to capture is very important, having that vision of the final print. Sometimes it is pure luck and you just need to be out there in the field shooting! Try new techniques, take risks, and don’t be afraid to fail. I often return to locations when I am not entirely satisfied with my previous attempt. 

Where was this photo taken? ‘The Reward’ was captured at Burns Beach, Western Australia.

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