Photo Friday Open Entry Winner Michelle!


What camera did you use?

Canon 5DMKII.

What settings did you use?

ISO 100, 50mm focal length, f/13, 1/125sec.  I used two or three lights, the main light to my left, (I think) a very low powered fill light to my right (facing straight ahead) and a light to the right of “Daisy” aimed at her face to simulate the light as she “looks out the window”.

What inspired this shot?

I saw a fantastic photo of James May (from Top Gear) some time ago which was my inspiration.  My friend Tony (the driver) has such a comical and expressive face – he was my obvious choice of actor and his wife played the part of Daisy perfectly!

Did you edit this shot, if so what did you do and with what program?

Yes, I always edit all my shots – I use Photoshop.  This image did not require much editing, a levels or curves adjustment to add a bit of contrast, some sharpening and a little cloning (to remove the string holding the tie out to the side) were the main steps.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers?

Have fun with your photography and keep trying new things.

Where was this photo taken?

In my studio in my garage.

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