Photo Friday ‘Silhouette’ Winner – Marcus!

What camera did you use? Ricoh GXR camera, S10 module (24-72mm) with TC-1 attachment, which makes it 135mm.

What settings did you use?  f/8.9, shutter speed: 1/290 sec, ISO-100

What inspired this shot? Inspiration was basically just the scale of the figures on the bridge. They looked like ants on a mountain of steel!

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program? I only straightened, sharpened, and added a little contrast to the image in PP, using I shoot B&W when I want B&W, so use jpegs.

 Do you have any advice for our community of photographers? Improve your images by learning the basics of photography, learn all about your camera and its settings and take as many photos as you possibly can!

Where was this photo taken? The photo I entered was taken from a ferry on the return trip to Circular Quay from Cockatoo Island in Sydney.

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  • I really love that this was shot on a non-slr. It is amazing the results you can get on some modern compacts – big sensors, RAW shooting, and full manual control. You don’t need a huge body and 10 lenses these days, and the emphasis can be on great shots instead of technically good shots.

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