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At the time I was shooting a lot of strobe & forced light work for portrait subject & wanted to test the limits by shooting into the sun (at around midday) AND using a speedlight on a fast moving object.  A lot of people doubt this is easily achievable because of low power output of a speedlight vs the undeniably high power output of the sun.  I couldn’t have been happier with the result (except perhaps that I should have cleaned my lens a little better)

I used a Nikon D300 with Nikon SB800 speedlight fired off camera using transmitters & manual setting (no TTL).  The shot was taken at ISO 200, f14 @ 1/200sec – the lens I used was my trusty old 18-70 (hence the dirt).  There is barely any editing in the shot as it really didn’t warrant it.  At most is minimal sharpening, colour check & crop using PS CS4.  The vignette in the shot is in camera from shooting directly at the sun.  Given the time of day I was shooting I really wanted to have the subject interact with the sun rather than try to avoid it…I feel it adds so much more dynamic to the shot.  I should add, I really was quite sun blind (& burnt) after a couple of hours of looking through the viewfinder at the sun.

_BUT9236 - small[1] copy

As far as advice goes, all I’d like to say is, keep it honest.  Don’t be afraid to try something out if it feels right to you.  Your curiosity is a marvelous inventor & innovator.  No matter what others say, professionals included, give it a go.  The most ground breaking photographers of our time are those who pay no attention to the rules.

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