Photo Friday ‘Storms’ Winner – Jordan!


What camera did you use? Canon EOS 5D MII w/24-105mm Lens

What settings did you use?  A: f4.0, T: 15s, ISO: 1000, FL: 35mm

What inspired this shot? I have been interested in the weather ever since I was a little kid, I would hear the distant rumble of thunder as the storm was approaching, and wait for its arrival with a large BANG when the lightning hit close (even though by then I was hiding under the blankets). As I grew older my fascination with severe weather grew, and in particular thunderstorms. In the last few years I have expanded on this fascination and began taking photos of everything to do with thunderstorms, from the structure of the massive Cumulonimbus clouds, to the lightning. Day and night I will set out to capture this, as no two single thunderstorms are the same, each lightning strike is unique and not ever to be captured again. I run a weather photography photo blog at, where I upload photos from my chases.

This particular shot is one that I have aimed for on numerous occasions. I wanted to capture the stars, the lightning illuminating the clouds, the lightning giving off a blue iridescence in the sky, and the rare ‘blue bolter’ lightning strike, striking away from the thunderstorm itself. When I realised I had captured this shot, 3 1/2 hours ENE of Perth, I was over the moon.

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program? This image was touched up slightly with a highlights dodge in the clouds to slightly increase the brightness in the clouds, as I had taken a shot just under my usual exposure for lightning. Other than that it’s been square cropped and that is about it.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers? Persistence and Patience. Just because you don’t get a shot you are after the first go, doesn’t mean it will not happen. If you have a vision for a shot in mind, then stick with it, persistence does pay off.

Where was this photo taken? This photo was taken 40km north of Merredin, Western Australia.

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