Photo Friday Winner Gavin Scott- Street Culture


What inspired this photo?

My friend Ney and I often go into Melbourne for photo days, and we both had recently purchased ND filter setup that we wanted to try and use.  Our goal was to try and capture movement.  On the day we captured people walking from our vantage point from a car park and also Flinders Street station.  But Centre Place Arcade is always a favourite spot.  Lots of colour and movement, plenty of grunge and it deserves to be one of Melbourne’s most photographed spots.

What camera did you use? 

Canon 7D 18 – 200mm EFS lens

What settings did you use?

ISO 100, F / 4.5, 5.0 sec, 18mm focal length, ND Filter, Tripod

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program?

I always edit my photo’s using Lightroom.  As I used a ND filter it caused an unusual colour cast on the photo so I had to readjust the white balance.  From there I added contrast, opened up the shadows, added a small amount of clarity, and adjusted the tone curve.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers?

Practice, practice, practice, I’m a big believer of taking as many photos as possible when starting out, and by taking lots of photos you’ll eventually find an area that you will have an interest in, like landscapes or macro.  I remember 6 months after getting my first dslr I did a 365 Day photo challenge, and that certainly improved my photography because it made me get out everyday and take photos. It’s always good to connect with other photographers, I’ve meant some really good friends through the Camera House competition, and by picking their brains I’ve learnt lots of new techniques. There’s also some great websites with plenty of tutorials that I like to visit on a regular basis. And in regards to the weekly Friday competition, keep trying, keep entering, and keep striving to improve.

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