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‘Photo Friday’ is a weekly photography competition that Camera House Australia runs. Every week we choose a new theme and prize, and this week the winner was Leanne Chalkley who entered a very creative image for the theme: WINTER.

We asked Leanne to explain her winning image and if she would share some information around her photography that she has learnt and this is what she had to say:

“Some basic information in relation to this photo: It was taken in Krakow Poland in winter, I spotted this cute little car and the contrast between the colours of the car and the pure white snow caught my attention! I was shooting with a Canon 5d mark ii and there is some basic editing of the photo with lightroom.

I would just encourage photographers to keep trying. I am only an amateur photographer and sometimes I get frustrated that not all my photos turn out the way that I want but the more I practice and read about photograph the more fun I have and the better photos I get!”



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