4 Great Photo Locations in WA

Western Australia is a photo lover’s dream. Pristine beaches. Natural bush. Majestic coastlines. Expansive vineyards. Waterfalls galore. But because of the size of the state, it can be tough to work out the best spots to take jaw-dropping photos.

Here, we list four of the best photo locations Western Australia has to offer. This follows on from our articles about our favourite photo locations in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

The Kimberly Region


The Kimberly region is in the northwest of WA. Three times larger than England yet with a population of just 40,000, the Kimberly is considered one of the world’s most immaculate regions.

Within the Kimberly are so many tourist attractions. Amongst them is the Buccaneer Archipelago, a thousand islands comprised of hidden bays, ancient sandstone, diverse fauna and white, sandy beaches. You’ll also find the famous horizontal waterfalls there too, which David Attenborough once called ‘Australia’s most unusual natural wonder’.

Mitchell Falls, also known as Punamii-unpuu, is another iconic landmark in the Kimberly, as are the tiger-striped rock formations in the 360-million-year-old Bungle Bungle range.

Karajini National Park (inc. Fortescue Falls)


The second largest park in Western Australia, Karajini National Park is full of mountains, desert and stunning escarpments that rise out of beautiful valleys and cavernous gorges.

Whether you’re keen to snap photos of some of the oldest rocks on earth, the clear waterways that cover much of the park, the luminous night sky or the cascading waterfalls, you’re sure to return from your trip with a treasure trove of gorgeous images.

The Karijini National Park features a wonderful range of walking trails, a great way to experience some of Australia’s most breathtaking scenery and to take in the array of wildflowers and bird species on offer. Don’t miss the lovely Fortescue Falls either.

Margaret River


Named one of the top 10 bio-diversity regions hotspots in the world, the Margaret River is abundant with unique flora and fauna, making it an ideal spot to take photographs.

Aside from all the vineyards, the Margaret River is also home to the only tuart forest in the world (they only grow on coastal limestone) as well as a host of stunning seascapes and lush forest valleys.

Sugarloaf Rock, a few kilometres from Cape Naturaliste, is part of a rugged coastline that is full of natural, austere beauty and well worth checking out too.

Rottnest Island


The beauty of Rottness Island, or Rotto as the locals affectionately call it, is its proximity to Perth. This idyllic setting is just 19km off the coast and a short ferry ride away but feels like a totally different world.

This popular tourist destination has 63 beaches and 20 bays, many of which are blessed with gorgeous coral reefs, great swimming spots, surfing and snorkel trails. And Rottness Island also has plenty of grand buildings and cottages if you’re keen to take some remote architecture photos.

If animal photography is more your thing, you’ll love the Quokkas, a small native marsupial hardly found anywhere else. It’s the size of a cat but more closely resembles a possum. There are also seals, ospreys and whales to try and snap too.


Before you set off to these truly wonderful locations, make sure you stock up on quality camera equipment, such as lenses and accessories. Or if you’re keen to upgrade your camera, check out our latest range of cameras here.


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