Photographer of the Year 2015 Winners

Every year we run an internal photography competition for our staff members, with the overall winner taking the title of ‘Photographer of the Year’ and the prestigious Joshua Shearer award.

This year was one of the toughest years we have ever had to judge and we thank each and every entry we received. There is definitely a reason we call ourselves the “photographic specialists” and we think you will see why with these winning shots from this year’s competition. There was 6 categories our staff could enter in, with the winners of each, going into the running to win the title of the ‘Photographer of the Year’. A huge congratulations to John Ralph from John Ralph’s Camera House in Erina for taking out this years top prize. Now here are the winners…

Winner of Landscape & Photographer of the Year

John Ralph-LANDSCAPE-BlogPhoto taken by John Ralph from John Ralph’s Camera House, Erina.

Winner of Creative Expression

Brandon Durham-CREATIVEEXPRESSION-BlogPhoto taken by Brandon Durham from Bentleys Camera House, Carindale.

Winner of Portrait

Ricky Gestro-PORTRAIT-Blog1Photo taken by Ricky Gestro from Perth Camera House.

Winner of Macro

Christian Byrt- MACRO-BlogPhoto taken by Christian Byrt from Bunbury Camera House.

Winner of Pets & Animals

Ricky Gestro-PETS&ANIMALS-BlogPhoto taken by Ricky Gestro from Perth Camera House.

Winner of Sport

kevin phillips-SPORT-Blog Photo taken by Kevin Phillips from City Cross Camera House, Adelaide.

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  • Rene Matens says:

    Well done with these – they are just amazing. You do need to open it up to customers as well then maybe I can try to at leget close to these.

    Again Great photos.

  • Hannah Blumanis says:

    Hi Rene – Photographer of the Year is just for our store owners and staff members, we do however have a photography competition we run every week called “Photo Friday” through our Facebook page. Alternatively you can access it through our website here –
    Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Kindest Regards,
    The Team at Camera House

  • Clare Jones says:

    Just wanted to ask if the winning photo was taken in the Queenstown area of NZ? Looks like from the Crown Range Road.

  • Stephen Robb says:

    I would have thought it beneficial to show settings and location.
    or is there a button to press that i have not found.

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