The Best Drone Accessories to Up Your Game in 2020


Drone cameras are one of the most exciting developments in the photography world in recent years. And more excitingly, as their popularity grows, so too does the number of innovative and often essential drone accessories available.
A simple drone comes with everything you need to use it from the get-go, but some drone accessories will dramatically transform […]

The Best Mirrorless Cameras for 2020 for Every Occasion

Mirrorless cameras, also known as compact system cameras, have improved significantly over the past decade.
Once inferior to DSLR cameras, newer mirrorless camera models now feel and shoot just like their mirrored DSLR cousins, but simply do away with the mirror mechanism. 
In other words, they can replicate the quality of DSLRs while being smaller and lighter. 
What’s […]

The Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners in 2020

woman holding dslr camera

If you’ve been interested in photography a while, there’s no doubt you’ll find your current smartphone camera lacking. An entry-level DSLR camera is a great way to up your game. 
A DSLR will help you have greater control over your camera settings. And you’ll quickly come to appreciate the increased quality of your shots. 
Want to know […]

Our Five Favourite Camera Bags for 2020

camera equipment surrounding camera backpack

Once you hit a certain level in your photography, you’ll be packing an incredible amount of important camera gear on every outing. 
Soon enough, you’ll be looking for a sturdy and reliable camera backpack to protect your equipment when you’re out and about. 
A good camera bag won’t only have room for your DSLR and lenses. It […]

The 5 Best Compact Cameras for Low Light Photography in 2020

City at night

There’s a particular joy in photographing subjects in low light conditions with using flash. Many photographers love the challenge of finding natural light sources to create stunning effects. 
Whether you’re in the city trying to capture light trails or in the outback trying to capture the Milky Way in all its glory, you’ll need a good […]

Cameras vs Smartphones: A Head-to-Head Comparison

man holding smart phone with camera

These days, smartphone technology has become so advanced that it’s fulfilling the needs of many of our daily devices. 

Smartphones made calculators redundant. Many people prefer to read from their phones rather than from books. And now, people are opting to make their phone their one and only camera for all occasions. 

But does a smartphone meet […]

The Best Low Light Action Cameras in 2020

Action cameras are an exciting way to incorporate your love of photography into your action-packed life! Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a nature-lover, or just a major photography nerd, an action camera is a must-have device.
The entire point of an action camera is its versatility. What’s the point of an action camera that only works […]

30fps vs 60fps: Frame Rates & Why They Matter

Whenever you look up the specs of a new camera, you’ll find figures such as 30fps or 60fps. These stats refer to the frame rate of your camera – or the number of still images it can record in a second to playback as a video. 

So how do you know what a good frame rate is? […]

8 Exciting Photography Trends for 2020

In the past decade, we’ve started to see dramatic changes in the photography industry, influenced for the most part by the improvements in smartphone technology and because of social media. 

Photography is less about creative expression and more about grabbing attention, which is why the current photography trends are largely about being innovative, cutting-edge, and bold. 

As […]

How to Make a Video [for Beginners]

videographer using DSLR

Long gone are the days when people would show their holiday snaps with slides and a projection screen. Videos are THE media of choice for the 21st century. 

Whether you want to be the next best vlogger, you’re interested in creating videos for marketing, or you just want to make your holidays come alive for your […]