Travel Photography: Your Essential Guide

travel photographer taking photos on road

It’s common sense to do some careful planning and thorough preparation before you start any trip. But when you’re planning a holiday around travel photography, it’s even more important to put in some extra planning effort.
Make sure you understand a few things about travel photography, have researched your destination, and have all the right equipment. […]

How to Shoot Minimalist Photography

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It’s hard to keep that in mind in today’s visually stimulating environment. But minimalist photography can offer us a refreshing way to view the world.
Take a look at many of the most popular Instagram accounts and you’ll notice a common theme: many photographers showcase understated, minimalist shots.
But how has […]

5 Amazing Apps for Photographers

woman taking photo at cafe

While here at Camera House, we’re strong advocates of the professional camera, there will always be times when you find a fascinating subject and you’ve only got your smartphone to hand.
Thankfully, there’s an increasingly large range of photography apps that will help you improve your camera photos. Below, we’ve listed some of our personal […]

The Best Photography Gift Ideas for 2017

camera in christmas tree

Photography can quickly become an expensive hobby, which means photographers will always appreciate a camera gift.
But why stop there? Why not buy a photography gift for a child who’s showing promise – or to kickstart their creative juices?
Or how about creating a personalised album for the grandparents – a wall calendar with family photos, […]

This Is Where You Should Go to Photograph Tasmania

tessellated pavement at sunrise

Tasmania is renowned for its wilderness, which makes it a favourite destination for photographers. Filled with rainforests, mountain peaks, sandy beaches, and so much more, Tasmania will offer you plenty of photo opportunities.
But how to narrow down your options is another thing altogether! Below, we’ve listed our favourite places to capture the essence of Tasmania.
1. […]

The Top Cameras to Take on Your Travels

Your big adventure is just around the corner, your excited and busy getting prepared. With all the magnificent sights and sounds that await you, you probably want a camera that can capture the excitement of your journey.
Whether you are after a reliable action camera, or a DSLR, there are many exciting options and a range […]

The Art of Photography: A Sneak Peek into Our Photography Workshop

Whether you are new to photography, or just looking to improve your craft, Camera House has a range of photography courses and workshops available to photographers.
One such advanced workshop takes place at The Entrance, a favourite destination for Camera House Erina’s resident photography expert, John Ralph.
John isn’t only a customer service whiz, he’s also a […]

Camera Flashes: How They’ve Evolved Over Time

Flash bulb

Most photographers prefer using ambient light to capture the world around them. It provides softer hues and a more authentic look to your shots. But that doesn’t mean you should write off your flash. It can help sharpen your images, highlight certain features, or add creative effects to your photos.
So what exactly is a camera flash and […]

Welcome to the New Camera House Website

promotions and offers section on camera house blog

We’re proud to announce the launch of the new and improved Camera House website.
Since 1983, Camera House has been the place to go to get the latest DSLRs, top-notch compact cameras, excellent lenses and accessories, and innovative items like photography drones.
Our website is a fantastic resource for photographers of all skill levels, whether you’re an […]

What Is a 360 Degree Camera?

360 degree photo of football game

360° degree images and video have become a hugely popular method of capturing life in recent times. As technology has progressed, 360° cameras have become more compact and more affordable. These cameras can capture everything around you, making viewers feel like they are in the picture.
You have seen probably seen 360° images and video on Facebook, YouTube […]