The Essential Wildlife Photography Gear Every Beginner Needs

elephant in the wild

Wildlife photography provides an excellent opportunity for photographers to get out in nature. But the nature of wildlife photography means you need to have dedicated equipment to help you get the job done.
Since your subjects are unpredictable, flighty creatures, you need a quality camera up to the task of snapping with speed, along with an […]

6 Extraordinary Uses for Your 360 Camera

tiny planet made with 360 camera

It’s not surprising if you’re still uncertain about what a 360 camera can do. It’s among the more recent developments in camera technology. In essence, 360 cameras use two back-to-back fisheye lenses to capture 360-degree photos and videos.
Those times you can click on a video or still in Facebook and pan the entire surroundings? […]

What Are the Best Photography Jobs in 2019?

photojournalist holding camera

It’s estimated more than a trillion photos are taken every year, thanks to the advent of smartphone technology. Now, everyone’s a photographer. Thanks to social media platforms, everyone can publish their photos for the whole world to see.
That might put photographers at a disadvantage since there’s a wealth of photographs produced every day – and […]

How to Improve Audio for Your Vlogs

microphone for vlogging

Any dedicated vlogger will tell you that quality video is only half the equation to making a popular vlog. Audio is at least half the battle.
Good sound is arguably even more important than good visuals. In fact, it’s been found that people will react more negatively to a video as a whole if its […]

Gimbals: Everything You Need to Know About This Fave Videography Accessory

drone gimbal

Along with drones, gimbals have revolutionised videography by enabling smooth filming, regardless of the movements of the videographer.
Gimbals act like a support system in the way dollies, Steadicams, and tripods do but they offer greater freedom of movement.
If you’re thinking of upping your vlogging game or improving your videos, a gimbal might be an […]

Post Production: Learning the Basics

post production photography in lightroom

Discover how to make the most out of your happy snaps by spending a little more time processing your images.

6 Ways to Use Your Instant Camera Prints

We’ve become so used to our digital lives that sometimes we forget what we do with our hard copy items. Take instant cameras. You can’t share your print-out photographs on Facebook or Instagram. But we love our Polaroids nonetheless.
Looking for new ways to use your instant photo prints? We’ve done a bit of brainstorming to […]

The Case for Camera Cases: How to Protect Your Equipment

camera in hard case

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a pro, you need something to ensure your camera equipment is protected, be it a camera case, a pouch, or a padded backpack.
There are many reasons to carry your camera and lenses in protective gear, such as cases. You might want a waterproof camera case to keep your […]

Flash Photography: Simple Tips for Better Results

using flash to add drama

When you’re just starting out in photography, it can be easy to think that using flash is a bad idea. In fact, flash can elevate a dull photo into a work of art.
The artificial light gives you more control over your photos. You can redirect it, soften it, mix it, reflect it, and even colour […]

The Best Photo Editing Software for Your Needs


If you really want to get serious about your photography – or even just improve your photos for the perfect 9-square grid – you’ll want dedicated photo editing software.
Thankfully, these days there are plenty of options for photo editing software, from the all-rounder Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom package to free photo editing software GIMP for […]