The Best Gimbals to Stabilise Your DSLR, Mirrorless, or Smartphone in 2021

A black camera set up in a matching black gimbal

If you’re a dedicated videographer, you’ll soon want a gimbal in your camera kit. Gimbals or camera stabilisers help keep your camera level and suppress vibrations and camera shake so your footage turns out smooth and cinematic every time.
The best gimbals can adjust your camera’s position fluidly so your footage won’t suffer the disruptions that […]

What Is Macro Photography & How Can I Master It?

a close up of the purpose pollen on a flower

While it’s become far more accessible thanks to improvements in digital camera tech, macro photography still requires a particular skill set and special equipment if you want to capture the finest detail of the tiniest subjects. 

Yet mastering the art is hugely rewarding, helping you create captivating snapshots of the microscopic world around us – and […]

The 5 Best Podcast Microphones for High-Quality Audio

best microphone for podcast

If you’re planning on making a real go of your podcast, it’s time to invest in a quality podcast microphone. 

Australians have never been more interested in podcasts with more than 1.6 million Aussies tuning in to catch up on their favourite series. 

And for businesses, podcasts offer an exciting new revenue stream, with the Australian podcast […]

Prime Lenses vs Zoom Lenses: Which Should I Buy?

man holding prime lens

To get a zoom lens or a prime lens for your camera? That is the question that haunts many budding photographers looking to expand their lens collection. 

It’s a hard decision and there’s no right answer. Prime and zoom lenses each come with their own unique advantages so the decision ultimately comes down to what works […]

The Essential Equipment You Need for Live Video Streaming

Camera and microphone set up for live video streaming

2020 will go down as the year businesses went online in a big way. And one of the biggest trends has been a move to live streaming.

In reality, all you need to live stream a video is a device with a camera (such as a mobile phone or a laptop), a streaming channel (such as […]

The Best Stocking Gifts for Photographers

Christmas bags filled with stocking stuffers for photographers

Christmas is quickly approaching and while you may have the bigger presents sorted, you might find yourself stumped when it comes to presents for the Santa sack.
We’ve come up with 10 of what we believe are the best stocking stuffers for photographers. Browse this list for stocking gift ideas bound to impress the photographers among […]

How to Photograph Christmas Trees

A father holding up his daughter to put the star on the Christmas tree

With their magical lights, Christmas trees are made to be photographed at night. You want those strings of lights to feature as the centrepiece in your photos. 

But then you have the trouble of finding the correct settings to help you expose the tree without overexposing the lights or underexposing the surroundings. 

Below, we’ve got your sorted […]

A DSLR Guide to Photographing Christmas Lights

bokeh in christmas photo

Christmas lights create wonderfully evocative scenes for photography, whether they are the main subject or the background for festive portrait photography.

But they’re not easy to shoot, especially in low light situations. Having a DSLR helps you capture the essence of Christmas lights, but there are still certain settings that will help you perfect the shot.

The […]

How to Shoot Festive Christmas Portrait Photography

Man cutting roast at Christmas family dinner

Christmas is a fantastic time to put some of your photography skills to the test. You have interesting decorations to serve as props, great settings, and all the family together. 

But photographing your Christmas shots aren’t always easy, especially if you’re shooting in those situations that create a truly festive atmosphere, such as at the local […]

7 Christmas Camera Gift Ideas for Under $100

Man wrapping presents on table.

In this list, we’ve given a rundown of the best Christmas gifts for camera lovers that will set them up for a delightful hobby – or even career! – in photography. 

These camera gift ideas are all under $100 and cover every photography level so there’s a little something for everyone.

1. LensPen Pro DSLR Kit

Every new […]