How to Capture Incredible Nightclub Photography

people inside night club

Nightclub photography is not an easy art to master. You’re dealing with excited, dancing crowds and unpredictable lighting, not to mention low light shooting. 

Yet it can be incredibly rewarding when you nail the shot. And to help you get it right the first time, we’ve prepared this guide of tips and advice for taking nightlife […]

What are the Benefits of a Mirrorless Camera?

mirrorless camera next to coffee

Mirrorless cameras are steadily rising in popularity. As their technology improves, many professional photographers are opting for these cameras over DSLRs. 

But just what makes the mirrorless camera so popular today? Featuring large sensors, interchangeable lenses, and manual controls, mirrorless cameras offer many of the advantages of a DSLR but without the bulk. 

They manage to maintain […]

8 Creative Photography Tips for Cloudy Days

mountaintop shrouded in clouds

It’s always disappointing when you have a big shoot coming up – or you’ve just arrived in a new country – and the sky is overcast and (let’s be honest) a little miserable. 

It’s common to think that cloudy days will ruin your photography. But in fact, overcast weather can actually help you expand your photography […]

What Type of Photography Is Your Niche?

pier over water at sunset

We can all name famous landscape photographers, famous street photographers and famous war correspondents. These professionals have chosen a niche and excelled in it. Do you know what your niche is?

A photography niche is the specialty photographers become known for. Your niche can be whatever type of photography you enjoy the most – and one […]

Understanding Aperture

aperture in dslr lens

Anybody wanting to up their photography game needs to have a good understanding of a camera’s aperture and how it can affect a photo. 

Most professional photographers favour Aperture Priority mode – the mode that gives them control over their aperture settings. This is because the aperture setting has a direct impact on both the brightness […]

5 Reasons to Buy an In-Car Camera

dash camera in car

According to the Royal Automobile Association, three to four car insurance claims per month use in-car camera footage as supporting evidence. 
In recent years, dash-mounted cameras are proving their value. Whether the footage is being used to resolve tricky claims or to capture some bizarre road trip wildlife encounter, dash cams are becoming increasingly popular. 
So, are […]

Shutter Speeds Explained

settings on camera dial

Shutter speed is one of the three factors of a camera (alongside ISO and aperture) that help determine your camera’s exposure settings.
Depending on how you use your shutter speed, it has two predominant purposes: to affect the brightness of a photo and to create dramatic effects related to movement. 
Want to know how to harness shutter […]

7 Tips to Improve Your Time Lapse Videos

Time lapse videos capture the movements of a subject in a unique and captivating way so that viewers can watch storms erupt, flowers bloom, and sunsets happen in just a few seconds or minutes. 

Thanks to improvements in technology, everybody can shoot a time lapse video, whether on their smartphone or their DSLR.

We’ve already covered how […]

7 Tips For Taking Memorable Party Photos With Your Camera

Party photography may be a lot of fun but it isn’t a piece of cake. Parties involve endlessly moving and unpredictable subjects. You might also being shooting in low light if the party is indoors or at night. 

You might need to anticipate the movements of highly excited children at a kid’s birthday party. You’ll have […]

How to Shoot a Time-Lapse Video

time lapse of stars over city

In an age of visual storytelling, time-lapse videos are becoming increasingly popular. There’s something dramatic and artistic in the way time-lapse videos depict movement. 

Whether you’re watching storm clouds gather, a flower bloom, the sunrise, stars moving across the night sky, or the bustling everyday life of a city, time-lapse videos portray the effect with flare. 

In […]