How to Use a Lavalier Microphone in 4 Easy Steps

A lavalier microphone, also called a lav mic or a lapel mic, is a small and discrete external microphone that can be clipped onto a subject’s clothing. 

It’s best used when you need to gather dialogue from one or several specific subjects without getting interference from cross-talking or distracting background chatter. 

In videography, lav mics help capture […]

The Best Drone Accessories to Up Your Game in 2020


Drone cameras are one of the most exciting developments in the photography world in recent years. And more excitingly, as their popularity grows, so too does the number of innovative and often essential drone accessories available.
A simple drone comes with everything you need to use it from the get-go, but some drone accessories will dramatically transform […]

30fps vs 60fps: Frame Rates & Why They Matter

Whenever you look up the specs of a new camera, you’ll find figures such as 30fps or 60fps. These stats refer to the frame rate of your camera – or the number of still images it can record in a second to playback as a video. 

So how do you know what a good frame rate is? […]

8 Exciting Photography Trends for 2020

In the past decade, we’ve started to see dramatic changes in the photography industry, influenced for the most part by the improvements in smartphone technology and because of social media. 

Photography is less about creative expression and more about grabbing attention, which is why the current photography trends are largely about being innovative, cutting-edge, and bold. 

As […]

How to Make a Video [for Beginners]

videographer using DSLR

Long gone are the days when people would show their holiday snaps with slides and a projection screen. Videos are THE media of choice for the 21st century. 

Whether you want to be the next best vlogger, you’re interested in creating videos for marketing, or you just want to make your holidays come alive for your […]

The Best Accessories for Your Outdoor Camera Kit

photographer with camera backpack

Outdoor photography can be incredibly rewarding. Not only can you capture rare moments of beauty in Mother Nature, but you can also simply enjoy the fresh air yourself.

But photographing in the outdoors comes with its own risks and hazards. You may be hiking mountainous terrain or positioning your tripod right in the path of oncoming […]

How to Shoot Waterfalls with Your DSLR Camera

waterfall among autumnal trees

Waterfall photography is often a mark of how far you’ve come as a photographer. When you manage to get the perfect colour balance, smooth water flow, composition, and clarity, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Getting the perfect shot requires practice and patience because it takes time to get to know the waterfall you’re photographing. Factors like the […]

How to Capture Incredible Nightclub Photography

people inside night club

Nightclub photography is not an easy art to master. You’re dealing with excited, dancing crowds and unpredictable lighting, not to mention low light shooting. 

Yet it can be incredibly rewarding when you nail the shot. And to help you get it right the first time, we’ve prepared this guide of tips and advice for taking nightlife […]

8 Creative Photography Tips for Cloudy Days

mountaintop shrouded in clouds

It’s always disappointing when you have a big shoot coming up – or you’ve just arrived in a new country – and the sky is overcast and (let’s be honest) a little miserable. 

It’s common to think that cloudy days will ruin your photography. But in fact, overcast weather can actually help you expand your photography […]

Shutter Speeds Explained

settings on camera dial

Shutter speed is one of the three factors of a camera (alongside ISO and aperture) that help determine your camera’s exposure settings.
Depending on how you use your shutter speed, it has two predominant purposes: to affect the brightness of a photo and to create dramatic effects related to movement. 
Want to know how to harness shutter […]