Photo Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Two girlfriends giving each other Christmas gifts

Spoil Mum for Mother’s Day with our Photo Gift Ideas

With mother’s day just around the corner, spoil the special mother figure in your life with our range of photo ideas for mother’s day. Show her how much you care with a personalised gift from the heart.

Whether you’re Mum is a professional photographer or loves displaying […]

Our Top 6 Wildlife Photography Tips

light falling on tiger

Wildlife photography has experienced a growth in popularity over the years. It’s not surprising, given that Australia has a wide variety of incredible animals to photograph.

With this surge in popularity, thousands of wildlife photos are appearing on the internet that aren’t quite hitting the mark. They’re too blurry or obscured, hiding in the dark.

Understandably, wild […]

50mm Lens vs 35mm Lens

Are you looking to incorporate a camera lens into your photography kit, but simply can’t decide on the 50mm lens vs 35mm lens? Then you need expert advice from the Camera House team. 

Difference Between 50mm Lens and 35 mm Lens

The most important comparison to touch on is the fact that the 35mm lens gives you […]

How To Master Food Photography – Tips & Best Cameras

Have you ever wondered how you can best capture the essence and deliciousness of your food, using photography? Follow our quality tips & tricks to learn how you can entice others through the beauty of food photography! 

We all know that poor food photos are a turn-off… As something that is unappealing to the human eye […]

Image Archiving & Preservation – Keeping Your Images Safe

What is Image Archiving and Why is it so Important?

There’s no doubt that you’ve questioned at some point how reliable your photo storage system is. Or maybe it’s that job that you’ve been meaning to get around to but never quite find the time? 

Whether you are a professional photographer or you simply enjoy catching life’s […]

Street Photography: Our Top Tips for Beginners

A New York street on a cloudy day

Street photography is a specific type of photography that documents normal, “real” life. In street photography, you’ll normally see candid shots of everyday activities and people.

Because of this, it’s often tricky to get perfect street photos – it’s all about the timing, the subject, and your composition.

Below, we’ve listed our top street photography tips to […]

Polaroid & Instax Photography Tips

The Instant Photograph

Instant photography first gained its popularity in the ’40s when it totally revolutionised photography. Polaroid invented the first camera to develop the photo right before your eyes just seconds after the image is captured. For decades, people across the globe have used and cherished their instant cameras to capture memories. 

When the digital age […]

4k vs 8k Video Cameras: Is 8k really worth it?

video shoot with camera pointed at woman in chair

Like Full HD 1080p, 4k and 8k measure the resolution of a video in recording and playback. 4k has a higher resolution than 1080p while 8k is better than 4k. A higher resolution means your recordings generally have more detail and greater clarity.

You can find these resolution specifications on any recording device, including televisions, drones, […]

Is 4k Really Better than 1080p?

man holding video camera setup

It isn’t easy comparing specs for different cameras to make sure you find the perfect camera for your needs. But if you’re an avid videographer, one of the most important specs you’ll be looking at will be the video recording capabilities: Full HD 1080p vs 4k (or even 8k these days). 
These terms crop up whether […]

What is a Macro Lens used for?

Macro Lenses can help you see things with more detail than ever before. Learn how to use a Macro Lens today.