A DSLR Guide to Photographing Christmas Lights

bokeh in christmas photo

Christmas lights create wonderfully evocative scenes for photography, whether they are the main subject or the background for festive portrait photography.

But they’re not easy to shoot, especially in low light situations. Having a DSLR helps you capture the essence of Christmas lights, but there are still certain settings that will help you perfect the shot.

The […]

How to Shoot Festive Christmas Portrait Photography

Man cutting roast at Christmas family dinner

Christmas is a fantastic time to put some of your photography skills to the test. You have interesting decorations to serve as props, great settings, and all the family together. 

But photographing your Christmas shots aren’t always easy, especially if you’re shooting in those situations that create a truly festive atmosphere, such as at the local […]

Get Creative with Your Family Christmas Card Ideas

A parent with their child next to the Christmas tree.

We wouldn’t be surprised if your phone was filled with cute photos of your family members. But how often do you actually take the time to get everyone together for a family portrait and then keep the results in a hard copy?
Christmas is an opportunity to get a little fun with your family snaps. Here, […]

How to Photograph Lightning During the Day & Night

Wooden hut on open ground with lightning beyond.

There’s something incredibly evocative about lightning photography. And the act of taking pictures of lightning can be thrilling. 

But the real joy hits once you’ve grasped the settings and know exactly how to photograph lightning. Then you can enjoy the storm and reap the benefits of your knowledge when you review the stunning photos afterwards. 

Whether you’re […]

How to Use a Lavalier Microphone in 4 Easy Steps

A lavalier microphone, also called a lav mic or a lapel mic, is a small and discrete external microphone that can be clipped onto a subject’s clothing. 

It’s best used when you need to gather dialogue from one or several specific subjects without getting interference from cross-talking or distracting background chatter. 

In videography, lav mics help capture […]

The Best Drone Accessories to Up Your Game in 2020


Drone cameras are one of the most exciting developments in the photography world in recent years. And more excitingly, as their popularity grows, so too does the number of innovative and often essential drone accessories available.
A simple drone comes with everything you need to use it from the get-go, but some drone accessories will dramatically transform […]

30fps vs 60fps: Frame Rates & Why They Matter

Whenever you look up the specs of a new camera, you’ll find figures such as 30fps or 60fps. These stats refer to the frame rate of your camera – or the number of still images it can record in a second to playback as a video. 

So how do you know what a good frame rate is? […]

8 Exciting Photography Trends for 2020

In the past decade, we’ve started to see dramatic changes in the photography industry, influenced for the most part by the improvements in smartphone technology and because of social media. 

Photography is less about creative expression and more about grabbing attention, which is why the current photography trends are largely about being innovative, cutting-edge, and bold. 

As […]

How to Make a Video [for Beginners]

videographer using DSLR

Long gone are the days when people would show their holiday snaps with slides and a projection screen. Videos are THE media of choice for the 21st century. 

Whether you want to be the next best vlogger, you’re interested in creating videos for marketing, or you just want to make your holidays come alive for your […]

The Best Accessories for Your Outdoor Camera Kit

photographer with camera backpack

Outdoor photography can be incredibly rewarding. Not only can you capture rare moments of beauty in Mother Nature, but you can also simply enjoy the fresh air yourself.

But photographing in the outdoors comes with its own risks and hazards. You may be hiking mountainous terrain or positioning your tripod right in the path of oncoming […]