Troubleshooting Common DSLR Video Problems


DSLRs are packed with such great video functionality. But capturing the perfect video can be tricky, even for regular DSLR users. In this article, we discuss a few of the most common DSLR video problems and provide some troubleshooting tips for preventing them.
1. Out of Focus
One of the most common and frustrating issues DSLR users […]

Beware the Summer Sun: Tips for Taking Photos in Direct Sunlight

Most people send up a cheer when it’s a perfectly sunny day. That is, most people, except photographers.
Any photographer will be familiar with the frustration of taking photographs in direct sunlight. Bright, sunlit scenes can cause “raccoon eyes”, shadows under a subject’s eyes, squinty looks, and overexposed images.
During summer, the sun can be too bright […]

Answering Your Common Camera Shutter Problems

up close camera shutter

The shutter is an important element of the exposure triangle. And mastering it is an important step in becoming a great photographer. But what do you do when your shutter starts misbehaving?
Shutter issues are a common camera problem for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Below, we’ve outlined two of the most cited shutter problems by camera […]

How to Troubleshoot Common DSLR Under Exposure Problems

using nd filter for landscape

Do you take multiple photos of amazing subjects, only to find when you transfer them to your computer screen that they look dark with indistinguishable details? These images could be underexposed.
Underexposed photos are those that appear too dark, with only the brightest components of the photograph easy to make out.

So how do you correct this […]

Why Are There Spots on My Photos?

dust spot on sensor

aperIt can be devastating to go on a holiday and take a multitude of happy snaps, only to find when you go through them later that many of your images have unwelcome black or white spots on them.
There may be a few reasons why spots appear in your photos – below we look at some […]

Street Photography: Our Top Tips for Beginners

woman begging on street

Street photography is a specific type of photography that documents normal, “real” life. In street photography, you’ll normally see candid shots of everyday activities and people.
Because of this, it’s often tricky to get perfect street photographs – it’s all about the timing, the subject and your composition.
Below, we’ve listed our top tips to help you […]

11 Tripod Tricks & Tips You’ll Use Every Day

photographer carrying tripod through field

You might have heard of a particularly dangerous adrenaline charged ‘craze’ that is sweeping the UK this northern hemisphere summer called ‘tombstoning’.

10 Ways to Get Better Landscape Photos

light in landscape photography

10 quick tips on how to enhance your landscape photography skills

Understanding ISO: What Is It & How Do I Use It?

hands at concert

If you’ve done any background research on photography – whether on the Camera House blog or elsewhere – you must have come across the term “ISO”.
ISO is one of the most important pillars of photography, alongside Shutter Speed and Aperture. Master ISO and you’re one step closer to mastering your camera’s manual settings.
Yet there’s still […]

Avoiding Red Eye and Other Camera Flash Problems

Overexposed woman

Flash is a necessary aspect of photography. As soon as natural light begins to dim, your flash can be a lifesaver. But there are a lot of drawbacks and problems that can occur when using a camera flash.
From red-eye and glare to obtrusive shadows, there a lot of camera flash problems that can ruin your favourite […]