5 Adventurous Cameras to Take Backpacking

backpacker with camera

Picking the best camera for backpacking or hiking can be tricky, but it’s so important you get the right travel camera for your needs.
Buy a DSLR that’s too bulky and you’ll end up leaving it at the hostel. Go for a budget compact camera and you may be disappointed when you want to blow your […]

Love Your Camera Battery: 7 Tips to Extend Its Life


Few things in life are as annoying as a camera battery that loses its charge or dies at just the wrong moment. It’s one of the things that every camera enthusiast – amateur or professional, Nikon or Canon users, smartphone or DSLR advocates alike – can agree on.
And until technology develops a truly everlasting source […]

Choosing the Ultimate Action Camera


Action cameras allow you to capture and share all the heart stopping, adrenaline packed moments in your life with ease.
Whether you attach an action camera to your helmet as you paraglide over lush greenery or take HD video to chronicle your immense mountain climb, the compact quality of action cameras make them almost indispensable in […]

How to Troubleshoot Common DSLR Camera Problems

Not all DSLR camera problems are created equal.  Some are complex and require either a deep dive into online tutorials or the aid of a professional. But others can be relatively easy to fix.
It’s these types of problem that this post aims to troubleshoot, things like why your camera isn’t turning on or why your […]

Beginner Camera Lighting Tips

Lighting is undoubtedly one of the most important skills for aspiring photographers to learn in order to take their photography to the next level.

The type of camera lighting will depend on the type of photography you want to take. You can be much more pinpoint and precise with portrait photography, for example, than landscape photography, […]

Out of the Cold: How to Improve Your Winter Photography


With its stark colours and desolate landscapes, winter can be an incredibly beautiful time for camera enthusiasts to shoot photography.

Brave the cold and get out there with your camera. Before long, you’ll see those threatening storm clouds as an opportunity for a wonderfully foreboding image, that latest snowfall the perfect portrait backdrop because of its […]

Troubleshooting Common DSLR Video Problems


DSLRs are packed with such great video functionality. But capturing the perfect video can be tricky, even for regular DSLR users. In this article, we discuss a few of the most common DSLR video problems and provide some troubleshooting tips for preventing them.
1. Out of Focus
One of the most common and frustrating issues DSLR users […]

Beware the Summer Sun: Tips for Taking Photos in Direct Sunlight

Most people send up a cheer when it’s a perfectly sunny day. That is, most people, except photographers.
Any photographer will be familiar with the frustration of taking photographs in direct sunlight. Bright, sunlit scenes can cause “raccoon eyes”, shadows under a subject’s eyes, squinty looks, and overexposed images.
During summer, the sun can be too bright […]

Answering Your Common Camera Shutter Problems

up close camera shutter

The shutter is an important element of the exposure triangle. And mastering it is an important step in becoming a great photographer. But what do you do when your shutter starts misbehaving?
Shutter issues are a common camera problem for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Below, we’ve outlined two of the most cited shutter problems by camera […]

How to Troubleshoot Common DSLR Under Exposure Problems

using nd filter for landscape

Do you take multiple photos of amazing subjects, only to find when you transfer them to your computer screen that they look dark with indistinguishable details? These images could be underexposed.
Underexposed photos are those that appear too dark, with only the brightest components of the photograph easy to make out.

So how do you correct this […]