11 Tripod Tricks & Tips You’ll Use Every Day

photographer carrying tripod through field

You might have heard of a particularly dangerous adrenaline charged ‘craze’ that is sweeping the UK this northern hemisphere summer called ‘tombstoning’.

10 Ways to Get Better Landscape Photos

light in landscape photography

10 quick tips on how to enhance your landscape photography skills

Understanding ISO: What Is It & How Do I Use It?

hands at concert

If you’ve done any background research on photography – whether on the Camera House blog or elsewhere – you must have come across the term “ISO”.
ISO is one of the most important pillars of photography, alongside Shutter Speed and Aperture. Master ISO and you’re one step closer to mastering your camera’s manual settings.
Yet there’s still […]

Avoiding Red Eye and Other Camera Flash Problems

Overexposed woman

Flash is a necessary aspect of photography. As soon as natural light begins to dim, your flash can be a lifesaver. But there are a lot of drawbacks and problems that can occur when using a camera flash.
From red-eye and glare to obtrusive shadows, there a lot of camera flash problems that can ruin your favourite […]

Using Negative Space in Photography

group of hikers in snow

There are many different ways to introduce creativity into your photography. But negative space is one creative photography technique that’s often overlooked.

What Is Negative Space in Photography?
Negative space, also known as dead space or white space, describes the area around the main subject of an image. It’s usually a simple, abstract background that helps your main […]

Photographing Your Kids = Child’s Play

child playing in water

The most honest and endearing images of our children are usually taken when they’re left to their own devices.

Get Supermoon Ready with 5 Tips

Supermoons are rare so we’ve created our top tips to make sure you make the most of this special occasion.

Focal length is key

Having a good size focal length (zoom) available is key when shooting any distant subject and while it is a supermoon, this event holds no exception. Think about it, you’ll want an image […]

Understanding Camera Exposure

trail lights on busy road

If you’ve ever thought a photograph you have taken is too dark or too light, your complaint is probably related to the photograph’s exposure.
Exposure determines how light or dark an image appears. It can be altered by using the settings on your camera.
Your camera’s exposure settings are determined by three different variables: aperture, ISO and […]

Creative Photography: How to Create Bokeh

An apple in front of lights

Bokeh is a beautiful way to experiment with your camera. It comes from a Japanese term meaning haze or blur.
Bokeh is an aesthetic quality in photography in which blur is deliberately used for a visually pleasing effect. Bokeh is an effect where background highlights appear out-of-focus, and looks like glowing orbs of light.
This guide will help […]

When to Use a Lens Hood

DSLR using a petal lens hood

Whether you are new to photography or a seasoned photographer, lens hoods can inspire many questions.
A lens hood can be a handy addition to your photography kit. They come with many lenses on the market today and you’re sure to find one that suits your camera and your purposes.
But it’s important to know when you […]