7 Tips to Improve Your Time Lapse Videos

Time lapse videos capture the movements of a subject in a unique and captivating way so that viewers can watch storms erupt, flowers bloom, and sunsets happen in just a few seconds or minutes. 

Thanks to improvements in technology, everybody can shoot a time lapse video, whether on their smartphone or their DSLR.

We’ve already covered how […]

The Essential Accessories You Need for Your Video Camera

Perhaps you want to get into vlogging or maybe you’re ready to elevate your hobby to a professional level. This post will help you get the most out of your video camera with these essential gadgets and accessories for filming. 
Below, we’ve listed the absolutely essential items to accompany your video camera to bring your video […]

Understanding Depth of Field

woman photographing props at party

Depth of field (DoF) describes how near and faraway objects in a photo appear sharp and in focus. 
Photos with a shallow depth of field have only a part of the image in focus while those with a deeper depth of field keep most of the scene sharp.
Understanding depth of field and knowing how you can […]

7 Tips For Taking Memorable Party Photos With Your Camera

Party photography may be a lot of fun but it isn’t a piece of cake. Parties involve endlessly moving and unpredictable subjects. You might also being shooting in low light if the party is indoors or at night. 

You might need to anticipate the movements of highly excited children at a kid’s birthday party. You’ll have […]

How to Shoot a Time-Lapse Video

time lapse of stars over city

In an age of visual storytelling, time-lapse videos are becoming increasingly popular. There’s something dramatic and artistic in the way time-lapse videos depict movement. 

Whether you’re watching storm clouds gather, a flower bloom, the sunrise, stars moving across the night sky, or the bustling everyday life of a city, time-lapse videos portray the effect with flare. 

In […]

Is 4k Really Better than 1080p?

man holding video camera setup

If you’ve shopped for video cameras, cameras, or even televisions, you’ll have come across the terms “Full HD 1080p” and “4k”. 
These refer to the video resolution or the quality and detail in playback. 4k, also called Ultra High Definition (UHD), refers to the almost 4,000 horizontal pixels it has, whereas Full HD 1080p refers to […]

9 Signs You’ve Edited a Photo Wrong

a laptop on a desk open to Lightroom software

It’s easy to get carried away with editing photos. Post-processing programs like Lightroom and Photoshop are so innovative that you can feel almost powerful over your own photography. There are so many ways you can improve your photos through editing.
A simple slider can transform a dull, colourless photo into a vibrant image or a dark […]

12 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Sports Photography

empty running track

Sports photography is arguably one of the harder types of photography to master. You’re dealing with unpredictable play, fast-moving subjects, erratic light conditions, and so much more.
In some ways, sports photography asks you to contradict common photography rules. And to become a true pro, you need to understand not just photography, but the rules of […]

12 Tips for Incredible Drone Photography

road through forest in drone photo

With drone photography clearly becoming the future traveller’s camera of choice, it’s going to be harder to get your photography to stand apart from the crowd.
Learning to fly a drone AND take impressive shots is no easy feat. So in this article, we’ve brought together some of our best drone photography tips and techniques […]

Take Incredible Shots with These Phone Photography Hacks

taking sunset photo on phone

These days, many people opt out of owning a camera in favour of using their smartphone camera alone. It’s understandable – smartphone camera technology has improved drastically in the past decade.
But it can be harder to create those enigmatic shots that are on par with an interchangeable lens camera. So here are some easy-to-apply and […]