5 Reasons to Visit Our Photo Print Shop


At Camera House, we tend to focus more on our quality cameras and accessories than our photo print shop. This article aims to buck that trend and share the love with our photo shop services too.

A Camera House canvas wrap hung in a family living room
1.    Quality printing services
Having been in the photography business for […]

The Best Cameras for Budding Photographers in 2019


If you’re a budding photographer, chances are you’ve developed a keen interest in photography and want a camera that can act as both a simple point-and-shoot beginner camera and produce great results using a few more advanced functions and features.

Up to this point, you might have been using your smartphone’s camera or a basic compact […]

Your Essential Guide to Surveillance Cameras

surveillance camera on wall

Once upon a time, home surveillance was something reserved only for the homes of A-list celebrities and millionaires. Surveillance systems involved complicated setups that required professional installation and simply weren’t worth it for everyday homeowners.
But that’s all a thing of the past. Thanks to improvements in technology, anyone can buy and set up a surveillance […]

What You Need in Your Photography Studio

essential photography studio equipment

Although environmental photography can produce some stunning results, sometimes you just need a good photography studio to give you far better control over lighting and background.
But when it comes to building your studio, it can be tricky to know what studio equipment you need. While it may be tempting to stock everything, it’s best to […]

Which Camera Is Best for Portrait Photography?


Portrait photographers aim to capture the beauty, rawness, and individuality of their subjects. To do so, they use a whole range of camera equipment, but the most important tool is the camera.
If you’re interested in getting into portrait photography, you’re going to want to find a camera that suits you and meets your portrait photography needs. But with […]

What Accessories Do I Need for My Drone?


No matter if you’re thinking about buying a drone or if you already own one (or three), it’s important to make sure you get the right drone accessories.
The last thing you want is to launch your drone, only for it to plummet back to earth due to a flat battery or faulty propellers.

In this article, […]

Which Compact Cameras Have the Best Zoom?

If you’re either an experienced camera enthusiast or a casual photographer who uses a smartphone, you might be surprised to learn that there’s a very popular middle ground: compact camera users.
This is because compact cameras create the perfect balance…they’re not heavy and cumbersome like a DSLR but they produce a higher quality image than a […]

The Canon EOS M50 is the ultimate storyteller

Camera House is proud to announce Canons most intuitive, advanced mirrorless camera yet, the Canon EOS M50.

What the Camera House team love about this camera:
This camera is built for the serious storyteller. It’s not only a terrific camera to take on your travels, but it’s a genuinely powerful creative tool that will empower users to […]

Canon’s latest flash announced…

Camera House is proud to announce Canons most amazing artificial intelligence powered flash we’ve ever seen-  the Canon 470EX-AI.

What the Camera House team love about this camera:
This flash will change the way you view flash photography. It determines the ideal lighting to hit your specific subject and in a flash (slight pun intended) it manages […]

Meet the new entry-level DSLR from Canon

Camera House is proud to announce Canons new solution to those breaking into SLR photography on a budget, the Canon EOS 1500D.

What the Camera House team love about this camera:
This camera is no slouch when it comes to power, with a 24-megapixel sensor coupled to a DIGIC 4+ processor, but its real appeal is to […]